Get a Monoprice 8247 5.1-channel speaker system for $71.11


This 5.1-channel Mon price speaker

all and sundry love Mon Price. I know this as a result of whenever I point out, say, an affordable HDMI cable from every other supply, readers continuously chime in to assert, “I get all my cables at Mon price.” a couple of years back, the corporate branched out into its line of tech merchandise, together with some very respectable audio system at relatively low costs. As of late, one of them is exceptionally even decreasing.

Eleven. It normally sells for $84.10, so the savings aren’t that dramatic — however, the product was already a steal to start with. Now it is even, errs, steelier. (Brace yourself for a quite hefty transportation charge of around $25 — not unsurprising given that the device weighs over 20 pounds. at least you’re getting out the door for under $100.) lately simplest, in reality, and while supplies last, Monoprice has their 8247 5.1-channel home theater speaker gadget for $ seventy-one.

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In addition to four satellites and a subwoofer, you get the all-essential middle-channel speaker so you can hear dialogif truth be told, (On my non-encompass setup, I continuously adjust the quantity throughout over-loud action scenes and over-quiet conversation scenes. no longer cool.) that is the rough speaker gadget you would pair with a stereo receiver to vastly boost the sound quality of your television.

The satellites include brackets for wall mounting, so you can most likely have to fish some wires through some drywall to get everything installed to your liking. If you want an audio system with stands and wireless connectivity, you’ll want to spend quite a bit extra.

I am no audiophile, so I’ll refer you to CNET’s overview of the Mon price 8247. the key takeaway: These are notably respectable audio systems for the associated fee. Just as essential, if you look at the consumer evaluations for the product, you’ll be able to find an ordinary pride fee of around ninety percent from virtually one hundred patrons — and a moderate ranking of about 4.5 stars out of 5.

By way of how, should you do not but have a receiver, Newegg presently has the refurbished Sony STR-DH520 7.1-channel A/V receiver for $119.ninety-nine shipped. That is after redeeming a $20 mail-in rebate (PDF). Even without the rebate, that’s an incredible value.