Game Audio Design: Your Next Career Move ?


Try to picture yourself attending a dinner party at a friend’s house and being able to say you are the creator of the audio in the game your friend’s kid is playing. As an audio designer for fun, you could do exactly that.

The average day in the life of a game audio designer is spent working closely with professionals in the music industry, creating music that will accompany the graphics of soon-to-be-famous video games. This is a lucrative career with an average annual salary of $99,000, which is higher if you are a New York or California resident.

Understanding the differences

A game audio design career is different from that of an audio producer. Many people conflate the two as the same. They could not differ more substantially, however. The audio engineer is a competitive career that requires specific education and pays double the annual salary of an audio producer.

Game Audio Design

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The two jobs are very similar, but the salary and benefits are not. Obtaining an audio engineering degree means securing your financial future. The additional income and benefits are worth the time and energy to make it in this competitive field.

Learning the process

The time it takes to become a good game audio designer is significant. However, the benefits of becoming an audio engineer are extensive. In addition to a competitive salary, these engineers earn good honors and can work from almost anywhere.

Receiving an audio engineering degree

Obtaining an audio engineering degree at an accredited educational facility is the best way to make your move into this highly lucrative career field. Specialized classes are designed to serve you in small groups and more one-on-one time with your professors.

Audio engineering degree courses fill up fast because they accept only a few students. By enrolling in the reputable facility as soon as possible, you can begin your journey to financial freedom and a lifelong career you truly enjoy.

In audio engineering, your work can include anything from audio game design to even sound for major motion pictures. Your job is ever-changing, which is a big part of what makes it an exciting field. Every day is different, another reason this is such a highly sought-after degree.

Get your audio engineering degree to ensure you have a shot at becoming an audio engineer in this competitive industry. The knowledge and connections you can acquire while obtaining this degree are priceless.