Flipp app delivers store flyers to your phone or tablet


Flip for iOS aggregates weekly circulars for most local chains.

You understand your cell phone or pill can take the position of bodily books, magazines, newspapers; boarding passes, Starbucks cards, and so on. Now there may be yet one more printed merchandise getting the digital remedy: weekly circulars.

You realize the type: they used to come back in your Sunday paper, again while you bought a Sunday paper. I am talking ads for the highest purchase, Kohl’s, Meijer, Target, Wal-Mart, and other big chains, all of which can be especially exciting this time of yr as Black Friday methods.


Which you could “clip” an item for later just via tapping it.

Flip is a free app that aggregates the entire weekly purchasing circulars to your space. Enter your ZIP code (or let the app resolve your location), and it would find all your native retailers. For instance, right here in metro Detroit, it produced a whopping seventy-five flyers — all of them scan like replicas of the true factor.

But they may be a lot smarter than the actual thing. For starters, that you may seek no longer the handiest retailers but in addition explicit gadgets. So if you wish to see which retailer for your area has the perfect worth on, say, iPad’s, that’s a cinch (though take into account the search works only across the circulars — now not every retailer is also promoting an iPad this week).

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When you are browsing commercials, you would be able to double-faucet to zoom in, faucet as soon as to “clip” an item (which will get circled in digital ink, a nice touch) earmark any retailer as a favorite for a more straightforward shopping later.

Alternatively, the good function through some distance is the discount slider, which you need to use to spotlight items on sale and objects with the biggest discounts. As you slice it, you’ll be able to see matching objects light up, whereas no matching stuff retreats to a darkened heritage.

Flip is present to be had for iOS, with an Android version due in early 2014. If you have a couple of iOS units working on iOS 7, the app can sync your clips and favorites throughout them. That’s great for, say, searching for your nice, roomy iPad and then regarding your clips when you are out purchasing along with your iPhone.

Numerous apps promise to serve up retailer coupons, but this is the first I’ve seen to, in reality, recreate retailer circulars and add interactive components. Cool stuff.