Flipboard faces issues with Google Reader feeds, promises fix


This was almost definitely the last thing users mourning the loss of Google Reader DBA Press needed to listen to. Reviews had emerged on Tuesday that Flip board had “lost” RSS feeds of customers while Reader died. The company has promised to repair the problem soon. Studies showed customers could not find their feeds on the Flipboard app despite migrating to the service. Users took to Twitter and social networking websites to vent their anger, forcing Flipboard to comment that the feeds were safe and sound. The app makers said that there had been considerations with the meals, which are transient, thanks to the entire content going into the system. It wanted just a little extra time for all the meals to populate.


considerations will be fastened soon, promises Flip, board

because of this transient glitch, Flipboard stated that customers found that their summary feed was once no longer working. Additionally, some users found some content lacking, but the firm assured them that this drawback would only exist until they discovered a solution. The crew did not specify how long the issue would take to sort itself out. However, they said that these feeds would begin working “quickly.” Naturally, the difficulty might no longer have come at a worse time for Flip board, with Google Reader’s demise enjoying out on social networking internet sites. It led to moderate fear for users who suddenly discovered that they needed to keep their feeds secure and migrate them to any other reader.

Flipboard is likely one of the race leaders to select where Google Reader left off. The application runs on each, and Android is visually wealthy and tries to take a more visible route to exhibit news and social feeds. Meanwhile, if you’ve crawled out from underneath a rock to realize Google Reader is useless and you wish to get your whole meals again, be concerned now, not. Head to Google Takeout until July 15 and download your feed archive from Google Reader. Then check out our record of the top three alternatives for Google Reader and embrace a brand new RSS reader.