Five Marketing Strategies with Great ROI


If there’s one thing any business is looking for, it’s a good return on investment (ROI). Every business, big or small, needs a great marketing strategy, and the ROI is the easiest way to tell if that strategy is working. While a high ROI isn’t exactly a magic number that can predict your company’s overall success, it proves your marketing strategy is sustainable. And if your marketing strategy is sustainable, you’re likely to see good returns, which in turn contribute to your business’s health.

Unfortunately, ROI isn’t always easy to pin down. It often depends on a variety of factors, including context and execution. Two separate businesses using the same marketing strategy might see vastly different ROI, for example. There’s also a difference between a long-term return and a short-term return.

However, despite these many variables, marketing techniques with good ROI are a better investment than techniques without. Although ultimate success might depend on many factors, a solid jumping-off point is always good. Here are five strategies that you may want to look into if you’re looking for the best return on investment.

Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing

You’d be hard-pressed to find a company that isn’t using email marketing in at least part of its overall marketing strategy. And why is that? When executed well, email marketing has some of the highest ROI around. Based on a joint survey by and Forrester research, 85% of U.S. retailers think email marketing is an effective customer acquisition tactic. It costs nearly nothing to send, and a good copy and solid design are often enough to get customers clicking.

Businesses unsure about their email marketing strategy can also turn to a ton of outside resources. Hundreds, if not thousands, of email marketing services offer effective, affordable packages. You can also use email marketing software to automate the process and save you more time. Whatever path you choose, it’s clear: email is still a great way to go.

Social Media Marketing

If one technique turned from a niche into an industry standard, it’s social media marketing. Over a decade ago, social networking was just something you did during your downtime. Now, social media sites drive our culture, ways of communication, and so much more. Sumit Mittal stresses that social media marketing helps businesses understand their customers better.

It’s a great hub for measuring engagement, learning about customer habits, and providing customer service and other responses. Like email marketing, businesses can also turn to a social media marketing agency to handle that arm of their marketing strategy. Not enough budget? If you’re a small business owner, you can take social media marketing classes to help you gain proficiency. With customers spending so much time on these sites, it’s worth the investment.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is an approach that’s gained huge ground in the last couple of years and looks to be a solid contender in digital marketing effectiveness. Our feature, ‘Online Video Marketing Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success,’ explains why. First, customers spend more and more time online, especially on their mobile phones. Second, marketing is now a multi-point conversation, with engagement driving success.

Video can grab peoples’ attention, keeping them focused for up to a minute. This is a huge deal in a world where millions of brands compete for attention. Video marketing is also versatile and can be anything from informative to motivating. If you haven’t considered investing in video marketing, now is the time.

Direct Mail Marketing

The next technique that can work for you is direct mail marketing. While it’s certainly not as flashy as other marketing tools, direct mail marketing has staying power. This is due to its high ROI, which often outpaces standard digital marketing techniques.

According to Triadex Services statistics, 65% of consumers have purchased due to direct mail. It can be easily used with techniques like digital advertising or email marketing. With engaging materials and the right email list, you’re likely to find that direct mail can work for you, too.

Guerilla Marketing

Finally, if there’s one technique that shows how thinking out of the box can lead to great success, it’s guerilla marketing. The reason why guerilla marketing works is because it’s often high impact for meager costs. Instead of relying on traditional marketing techniques, you focus on the most innovative approach to getting a reaction out of your market.

Guerilla marketing needs high energy and ingenuity, which might complicate the planning stage. You’ll need something that will blow your audiences out of the water while keeping your messaging on track. This can take a lot of work. However, companies that hit that mark see huge returns and reach that can’t be replicated with any other technique.