Fashion traits that need to R.I.P in 2017


Looking back on 2017 there are a few fashion trends that stand out. That we simply had to have in our cloth cabinet. There are the ones with the intention to maximum probable stay for your for a while.

While there are others that we hope no longer to see in 2018. Maybe ever!

Here are a few traits that need to stay in 2017 and people which we’ve extra seen extra than enough of.

Fugly sneakers: So it appears Balenciaga become on an assignment to layout the ugliest footwear this 12 months. Only the die-tough sneaker fanatics were brave sufficient to step into their footwear. Let’s desire that they don’t make their way into 2018. Unless it’s in a dirt bin heading to the trash heap.
Crocs: I almost fell off my chair when I saw Balenciaga debut a Croc shoe at some stage in Paris Fashion Week. I don’t care if it has a platform and blanketed in pretty vegetation and jewel, Crocs will continually continue to be on my fugly footwear list.
Corset belts: I don’t recognize this fashion. Either you put on a corset otherwise you wear a belt. Can we now not confuse the 2. Ladies had been wearing them over just about the whole thing. Dresses, shirts, t-shirts! Sadly those have managed to work their manner into the blouse or get dressed designs because of this you’re stuck with them.

Fanny percent/moon bag: The moon bag made a huge comeback this yr. They were once reserved for vacationers and grannies but the younger ones embraced them in 2017. Wearing them as a crossbody bag instead of a crotch cover up. We loved them in 2017 however that’s where they could stay.

Tiny sunglasses: When Rihanna wore them at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival pink carpet they have been kinda cool. Then again Rihanna could make whatever look cool. But there’s most effective one Rihanna. So can the rest of the fashionistas please let it pass.

Transparent plastic footwear: Plastic shoes continually take me back to the fact of stripper footwear. Or those tiny shoes you find on a Barbie doll. Just because Kim Kardashian loves AND rocks them, it doesn’t suggest they paintings for all and sundry. Unless you have got simply bloodless ft that don’t sweat, you need to stay far away from these. A bit gross whilst you see the sweat droplets on the internal of this footwear. Eeuw!
Furry sliders: Fenty Puma delivered the hairy sliders in 2016. Since then fury slider knockoffs have popped up everywhere. I reckon it’s time to allow the hairy ones go. Even Fenty Puma has moved on. Check out their University Suede Sliders for inspiration.

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Did you ever marvel why young kids strongly like a sure outfit and dislike another one? Did it ever move your mind, if your zodiac signal helps dictate your private fashion? Chances are probably no longer.Eh! But the reality is your sign draws you to positive looks. We are seeking to find out in this newsletter the link among style and the celebs.

It’s been stated that you may tell lots about someone simply through looking on the individual’s shoes. We’ve all heard this announcing… Yes! Same is going for your F-feel (study Fashion Sense). Style can change over the years or come to be greater advanced, but the underlying fashion feel one possess is based totally on their signal and the stars. This time of the year is for Leos (The Lion) and the key phrase is going I am LEO, pay attention me roar!

Zodiac Symbol: The majestic lion, the King of the Beasts is Leo’s symbol

Planet: The Sun

Compatibility: Aries, Sagittarius

Colors: Gold, Orange, Yellow, Red, and Black

Discover the optimum sun-sign self:

Leo is one of the maximum dependable and big-hearted signs and symptoms of the zodiac. Leos, like lions, is a notion to be robust leaders. They are independent and oozing self-belief. They revel in being seen as someone of substance and status and like to be in a position to assist others. They assist people who are feeling down and are exquisite at motivating others. Routine and uninteresting stuff makes a Leo frustrated. Leo’s stay in the rapid lane, working and gambling very difficult but they have a propensity to lose persistence and end up irritable when beneath strain or over-tired. Leo makes superb friends and is very hard now not to like.


Leo female is the embodiment of honor, loyalty, faithfulness, and trust. You can without difficulty picking out a Leo female from a crowd – she’s only with the loudest snort, the brightest smile, and the maximum confident strut of them all. She is passionate, playful, and really lively however can once in a while be warm-tempered. She would not be ruled; rather she has to be restrained.

The Look: Cherchez Los Angeles Femme

Leo likes to shop! The style of Leo, mirrors their persona. Leo like to be observed! They experience sporting leather-based, faux fur, silk, sequins and some other gadgets that attracts interest. Designer labels are extraordinarily crucial to a Leo and they have very sophisticated taste. Gold and diamond rings is the only way to head for a Leo – the first-rate jewelry money should buy. They get dressed in a style that expresses their mood of the day and feelings. One style that Leos can pull off most of the time is the appearance of animal prints inside the manner of pants, tunics, tops, and skirts. Leo looks accurate in colored tops to go together with whatever the bottoms. They are usually prepare and feature a strong experience of information what seems correct on their body. Leo women can pull off distressed jeans at any age and appearance smashing so long as their tops are classy or dressy sufficient to drag off the torn up look of the denim. Her hair is her mane, and he or she is proud of it. If you’re a Leo, you could wear a silk or satin blouse, with an embellishment of sequins around the collar to add just enough sparkle for sunlight hours and display the wild facet. You can strive leopard print footwear to feature a flare to your character. Find colorations that paintings with your eyes and hair coloration, and your skin tone. For Leo, the bolder and trendier the higher.


To complete an outfit, Leo likes to pay near interest to accessories. They love attention, so they pick formidable and extra flashy pieces. Leos have an exquisite eye for fashion. They experience to set trends and feature human beings emulate their fashion. The style is important, and so are the finer matters in existence.

Their exceptional accessory is their eye candy that is on their arm(purse) decorated with sequins and stones.
They locate the developments in shoes and purchase numerous pairs of them right now. They experience the higher their heels the better.
They love announcement necklace fabricated from shimmering stones.
Try hats and oversize shades.
Important propose for Leos – When others are not complementing you for your style, you can experience insecure or out of sync. Trust in your internal steering whilst choosing your style and don’t study into the lack of complements. You are constantly rocking your style.

Some Fashionable Leos:

Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, Mila Kunis, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Charlize Theron, and Halle Berry.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you possibly are already attracted and prompted by sure fashions based on your solar sign. Becoming familiar together with your signal’s connection in your internal style will help you come to be the great stylish you feasible. So, hold with your ardor for style and style and thank your sign for its keen feel for what you look pleasant carrying!