Facebook Messenger gets a new look, new features on iOS and Android


After an excellent quantity of testing with a small team of users on Android, fib has rolled out the Messenger replace to all customers on the platform and iOS now. The replacement will see a completely new, minimalistic appearance to the Messenger and the ability to text content messages the app’s usage.

The Messenger software has a whole new interface for the appliance. Your home reveal will now be the Messenger, but that you may also choose to peer which of your folks are available for chatting and whether or not they’re on mobile or the internet using the “lively” tab. There are tiny circles close to show footage, too, letting you know whether or not your pal no longer uses Messenger. A new white-upon-blue horizontal lightning depicts the Messenger icon we’ve come to affiliate with Facebook Messenger.


All new!

Strategy to tie within the contacts characteristic with Messenger. Besides the main overhaul so far as the design goes, an important feature will be that you can now message someone using the Messenger utility as long as you have their phone number. Even though you’re no longer pals with any individual, one Facebook, however, has their number in your contacts, you will be able to send them a message, and it will land in their fib inboxes. It appears to be on its way to turning into a move-platform messaging app.

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This update bumps fib Messenger for iOS to model 3.0 on iOS in addition to Android. Head on to the Google Play store to grab the update in your Android units and get fib Messenger for iOS from the Apple App retailer. The update has best just begun to roll out, so if you happen to still be stuck with the old design for your telephones, don’t worry; improvement is ready to hit your cell phone soon.