Evernote for Mac app updated with Document Preview, Highlighter features


The Ever note Mac app has been updated to version 5.2 and it includes three new options – Annotation of notes with Sketch, report Preview and Highlighter. The Sketch app on Ever note allows users to visually communicate their concepts. Due to the replace now, Ever note claims that it is extra ‘intently linked’ with Sketch. Customers can now annotate any observe in their account, save it or share it with their staff. To start out customers should first install Sketch. users can mark up the be aware and then click the retailer to Ever note option in Sketch to create a brand new observe with annotations.

Annotate notes with Skitch

Annotate notes with Sketch

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The Sketch app allows users to annotate pictures as well as records data similar to PDFs. To annotate images inside notes, customers will have to click the Sketch button in Ever note and make a selection the image they need to annotate. The image will then open up in Sketch and customers can annotate it correctly. PDF annotation though is open best to subscribers of Ever note top rate.the other main update is the new report Preview feature that presentations customers the contents of a file right inside of their be aware and it really works for many file sorts – documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and extra. Additionally, there’s a large drag bar alongside the top of the file. The drag bar comes with a save as … icon that allows users to avoid wasting the file anyplace on their computer. Ever note top rate users may even be capable to search within attached documents.

Highlight the important text

Spotlight the vital text

The Highlighter feature on the updated app is among the text editing instruments to be had that permits customers to focus on vital components of their observe. To make use of it, click the highlighter to add a vibrant yellow historical past to the text.