Endless possibilities watch for NYC sports


Nobody quite knows the route’s means, but on Sunday night, every one of us will sing that lyric as strongly and powerfully as if we were in the karaoke finals. It’s a cutting-edge year beginning Monday, 2018, the sort of year that also seems to come immediately from the pages of a science-fiction novel.

For those folks who care about sports in New York?

It’s a far-wished reset button. Maybe 2018 will be our 12 months. Perhaps it’ll be one of those years, like 1986 or 1969 or 1956, when everything goes right for each person.

Why no longer? Until confirmed otherwise, 2018 can preserve just about as much magic, as many possibilities, as we want it to. We don’t ask for the entirety to be ideal.


Just near perfect. Why not attempt for that at the start of a new 12 months?
So that starts the route, with someone aside from the Patriots triumphing in the Super Bowl. Look, perhaps that sounds spiteful because it is spiteful, but how many years — a long time! However, did New Englanders have one solitary baseball aspiration, which became that the Yankees did not win the World Series? This may additionally or might not be the real case. However, it seems every time the Pats win every other Lombardi Trophy, it will be an extended year-round right here. We’ve had enough lengthy years around here.

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The Giants and the Jets should do their component, of course, so that means identifying a way to each get one of the intriguing young quarterbacks to be had inside the draft, which could install some fun opposition for the subsequent 10 or 12 years if both happen to choose the right ones. Asking for both to make playoff runs the next year sounds like a chunk grasping, but wouldn’t it be an excessive amount to invite one of them to do this? That might be an amazing year.

It’s clear to suspect that baseball will provide us with an amazing year in the subsequent year because all it takes is one look at the Yankees’ lineup. You have to rack your mind to determine how they won’t win ninety-five or ninety-six video games — and that’s understanding, completely well, that there may be another exciting addition between now and October, both within the coming weeks or the very last days of July.

It’s at the Mets, then to show an excellent baseball year into a super one and to involve preserving injury-prone pitchers harm-proof, it’ll suggest maximizing something skills is at the roster for the season’s first four months (so possibly the padlocks will come off the wallets for the very last two). Maybe that won’t seem viable on June 1, but it’s January 1; EVERYTHING is possible.

And it’s not simply with the sports teams, of course. There’s a whole lot of variety in our midst now. It could be thrilling listening to the brand new 3-character sales space doing WFAN’s afternoon drive (accurate good fortune to you, Chris Carlin, Maggie Gray, and Bart Scott). It will be fascinating to see what occurs to the other three — the tip of the cap, Michael Kay, Don LaGreca, and Peter Rosenberg — with a fresh competitor in front of them and their everyday battles with Mike Francesa behind. There’s usually room for new voices and smart perspectives in this city. I suspect we’re approximately to get masses. Basketball? Realistically, we will ask for another smart Knicks draft pick and for the Nets to be accurate enough to frustrate the Celtics. That’s now not soliciting for the moon. Hockey? All three groups making the playoffs look like a distinct possibility; can’t we discern a way to have a collection in which they square off in opposition to every different, perhaps Rangers-Devils in one round observed via Rangers-Isles the subsequent?

Is that an excessive amount to invite? Maybe quickly sufficient, it’s going to appear that way. Right now? It’s all possible—every little bit of it. Happy New Year.

If Christian Hackenberg is sincerely worse than Bryce Petty, who has been past dreadful the final two weeks, then that may be the worst draft pick-out ever. And for the Jets, that’s announcing something.

At a few points, and shortly, it may be time to look closely at the profoundly underwhelming job Jeff Hornacek does coaching the Knicks, specifically in the fourth quarter.

I am no person’s concept of an Anglophile. But I can’t get enough of “The Crown.” A perfect baseball addict’s way to make the bloodless appear much less brutal? “Seventies All-Star Baseball,” via Joe Gersbeck.

Whack Back at Vac

Donald Laskin: Maybe your theme doesn’t look quite healthy, but recall Phil Foster’s line approximately putting up a statue in Brooklyn for Walter O’Malley if he’d be beneath it? Vac: Whenever you deliver this grandson of a Brooklyn Dodgers fan a hazard to hammer O’Malley, he will take it.

Jeff D: Do you observe Dave Gettleman’s hiring as a short-term deal that allows the Mara/Tisch households to make the “difficult” (unpopular) decisions? Gettleman performs “Terrible Man” and takes the warmth of? Perhaps trading Beckham? Vac: That would make several people (like me) sense better if the Giants didn’t take an extended list of candidates out of doors the circle of consideration.

@jackmac45: Is there enough ink at the New York Post to write about all the amazing actions the Mets have made this offseason? @MikeVacc: Luckily, we’ve got the entire World Wide Web, too, so each time, the Mets are equipped …

Jack Beglane: Jason Pierre-Paul desires Giants fanatics to attend the season finale on Sunday. Where does the group all season? Keep the faith. Vac: Never did three easy words sound more important.