EA’s Star Wars deal with Disney to last ten years; won’t just be movie games


While EA had prior signed an exclusivity deal for superstar Wars video games with Disney, it’s only set to last ten years, consistent with CFO Blake Jorgensen. He stated that EA’s famous person Wars games is not going to essentially be “movie games,” a phrase which has a number of stigma attached because of the low quality of the everyday licensed film recreation.

In line with Polygon, Jorgensen mentioned all the way through the United States Global know-how conference that moderately than just the movies, the video games will come from in all places the multiplied fiction, such as the novels and comics. “The beauty of the megastar Wars franchise is its so vast and so deep you do not have to do a movie sport,” Jorgensen mentioned. “You can do a recreation that’s very fascinated about the sector which is been created round star Wars.”


We might get to see a new Battlefront game yet

Fake that the Imperial March theme from famous person Wars is enjoying as you read this

The first major recreation as part of EA and Disney’s deal will likely be megastar Wars: Battlefront three. The sport is being developed via dice and can be using the Frostbite three engines. The studio is it sounds as if “building some early tiers of various games” within the engine.

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“We struck what we believe is an unbelievable deal,” Jorgensen stated, “which allows us so that you can build games in various genres throughout more than one types of structures over 10 years and will leverage the power of the Disney advertising related to the famous person Wars residences, both in motion pictures and other issues that they made do over the timeframe.