Dropbox announces 200 million users, new features for businesses


Dropbox appears to be on a roll. The cloud storage provider has not only marked a milestone with 200 million customers but also presented many recent features for trade users. It has unveiled the new “Dropbox for Business” shopper that can securely accommodate personal and work records data individually under one tabbed interface. It seems like Dropbox wants to convince users that it isn’t just frilly shopper software and is prepared to tackle competitors such as Microsoft, Google, Field, and Amazon’s new Workspaces.

Dropbox for industry allows users to view their private information in one tab and work information in another. This can be done without having to use more than one window. Customers with have-separate trade and personal debts can pair them with the brand-new tool.


Dropbox takes industry customers significantly.

Dropbox has additionally designed the mobile business shopper to provide an identical interface to the net for consistency. For builders, it has introduced Chooser and Saver APIs as a good way to let users get entry to any of their records data inside of 0.33-birthday party apps. Customers can also get admission to a new notifications bar that presents signals from each unit of information, or a filter can be utilized to peer just one class.

The brand-new replacement brings some nifty changes for CIOs and IT teams. The brand new Sharing Audit Logs function presentations admit precisely which user shares content material, with whom, and when. The update comprises safety features that may block the sharing of certain files and prevent an employee from having their files available on their work laptop.

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A function known as Account transfer will assist companies after they want to dispose of getting the right of entry to record data from a worker leaving the corporation or switching teams. A remote Wipe characteristic will ensure that these employees don’t still have to get admission to any of their previous industry information on any of their devices and protect information if a tool is stolen. The corporation is also engaged in some collaborative instruments so that we can be introduced shortly.

Dropbox for Business will roll out early next year, but businesses can enroll for early entry. Alternatively, it hasn’t announced any significant change.