Dota 2 tournament prize pool raised to $2.6 million


Originally, the upcoming Dote 2 event, the international 3, used to be going to have a prize pool of $1.6 million. Then again, with the introduction of the Compendium, Valve has managed to support the prize pool rather a little bit with the help of players all over the place the arena. consistent with Destruction, the prize pool for the world three match has now been raised to $2.6 million.The Compendium used to be released in the Dote 2 in-recreation retailer to be able to further promote the international three. Valve is crowd-funding the prize pool for the event through including $2.50 for every Compendium that’s offered. The Compendium also has some stretch goals for hitting certain numbers for the prize pool. Out of the seven stretch objectives, six had been entire. The ultimate intention sits at $3.2 million, which would basically double the original prize pool.

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just just lately, various new features were introduced to the Compendium in an replace. The replace delivered the power to have a delusion league revolving round Dote 2 groups, gamers and the continued international three matches. Using the Compendium, gamers can bring together a group of players that are collaborating within the world tournaments for their myth league. After each and every tournament, players earn factors relying on the performance of their myth group’s actual-existence counterparts.the new function additionally rewards avid gamers with trading playing cards which can be accrued and traded. Along with this, there is additionally a prediction system that enables gamers to make predictions on upcoming suits in tournaments.