Dell Alienware 18 review:


The great: Dell’s Alienware 18 is extremely configurable, with twin video cards, heaps of RAM and storage space, and an understated design that you simply won’t hate.

The danger: The thick physique raises the keyboard uncomfortably high, and getting primo components costs a lot. Battery life is predictably negative, and this can be a first-rate candidate for a greater-than-HD reveal.

The bottom line: there is a high price to be paid. However, the huge Alienware 18 is a worthwhile PC replacement that can take down even the latest PC games and is simply enjoyable to use.

Every so often, nothing will fulfill like a PC-dominating monster with an 18-inch monitor and a physique built like a tank. After a few years of ultrabooks and hybrids, it can be stunning how much fun an enormous laptop that barely qualifies to be called a computer can also be.

Dell Alienware 18

That’s the attraction of the Alienware 18, a rare entry within the oversized gaming laptop space. It’s much more of an outlier now, as 2013 has seen an influx of smaller gaming laptops, from the Alienware 14 to the beginning EON13-S to the Razor Blade 14.

Alienware guardian Dell stacked the deck by sending us a device configured with just about every excessive-priced improvement conceivably. Our overview configuration included an upgraded Intel Core i7 processor, a 512GB solid-state drive (SSD)/750GB arduous pressure storage combo, two Vida George 780M photos playing cards, and a whopping 32GB of RAM, presumably the primary time we now have tested a laptop with that much reminiscence. The price? A funds-breaking $4,249. The Alien Ware 18 begins at $2,099 and will also be ordered with Windows 7 or eight.

And for that healthy investment, you get enough power to play video games similar to the emblem-new Battlefield 4 from EA at the best “extremely” settings at the machine’s 1,920×1, 080-pixel native decision. (Even supposing, with greater-res screens coming to smaller laptops now, is it excessive to ask for a Retina-fashion show on a gaming rig?)

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Suppose you’re looking to spend this kind of cash on a gaming computer moderately than building your PC. In that case, the choice is continuously between a tremendous brand similar to Dell’s Alien Ware or one thing from a boutique computer maker corresponding to a beginning laptop or Main gear. An intently configured beginning 17-inch PC prices about identical, and the largest possibility you will need to make is whether you go for the custom design and chassis quality simplest a major company equivalent to Dell can afford to strengthen or the boutique-stage palms-on customer service and overclocking that you can get from a smaller laptop gaming expert.

Despite my love for small, slim, sleek laptops, the huge 18-inch display won me over, and the Alien War 18 is an effective way to profit from the present laptop gaming renaissance we’re experiencing. You have to load on the pricey configuration choices to make the device shine, but if you have the price range, a completely tricked-out Alien Ware 18 is an excellent gaming monster that looks now not excessive amount like a “gaming” laptop.