Cute Hairstyles For Graduation


For a look that’s both cute and polished, opt for a soft, tucked-back bun. You can even weave a ribbon with your school colors for extra flair.

If you do not like ponytails, take notes from Zendaya and pull your hair back into a low bun. This will keep your hair out of your face while you walk across the stage to receive your diploma.

1. Loose Braids

Whether you’re a natural beauty or you’ve had to work hard for your glam looks, graduation is the time to go all out. And while a sleek ponytail is always a great option, there are plenty of other ways to look gorgeous under your cap and gown.

For example, try loose braids — they’ll keep your hair out of your face and add a cute touch to your outfit. To achieve this look, center part of your hair and create two pigtails on both sides. Secure each one with a hair tie, freeing the front fringes for a unique and sophisticated look.


Try a half-up loose fishtail braid if you don’t feel like a lot of work! It’s easy to do and will look stunning under your cap.

A top knot is a great hairstyle for graduation because it’s easy to style and looks amazing when paired with a bold outfit. Plus, it will ensure your hair doesn’t fall in the way while accepting your diploma.

Another hairstyle that would look gorgeous under your grad cap is a side braid paired with pressed waves. To achieve this look, start with a center part and divide your hair into two long and low ponytails at the nape of your neck. Then, tuck the ends of each ponytail behind your ears and pin them up for an edgy yet chic look.

2. Side Braid

Looking pretty under your grad cap is all about the right hairstyle. Whether you wear your tresses down or up, plenty of options will look cute for graduation. Whether you opt for soft finger waves like Demi Lovato or an elegant French twist, there will surely be a style that suits your vibe.

Try a side braid if you want to add a bit of drama to your look. You can go for a simple loose pigtail like Lana Condor or a more complicated rope braid, perfect for graduates who want to stand out on stage. To get the look, center part of your hair and make two pigtails on both sides. Then, slowly twist and bind your strands together until you reach the nape of your neck. Finish the look with a few hairpins; your gorgeous grad style is complete.

For a more sleek and polished look, pull off a low ponytail. This adorable and sophisticated hairstyle will help to emphasize your shoulders and look super cute with any grad gown. Just ensure you have enough hair to tie a ponytail, and don’t forget to use a light misting of hairspray to keep your look from falling flat before you walk across the stage to receive your diploma.

If you have long, straight hair, a sleek blowout is another great option for graduation day. Apply a heat protectant beforehand, and take time so your hair stays shiny.

3. Low Pony

For a look that’s both classic and elegant, opt for a low pony. This cute hairstyle for graduation will keep your hair out of your face and allow you to showcase a pretty pair of earrings. Plus, it’ll ensure that your strands won’t get in the way of your cap once you’re ready to walk across the stage to receive your diploma.

Loose pigtails are another stylish option for graduation. Whether your hair is straight or curly, this simple, easy-to-style look will look fabulous under your grad cap. To create this cute hairstyle, part your hair down the center and then take a thick section from the longer side. Start braiding your strands and add more from the top after each turn. When your pigtails are as long as you’d like, tie them in a low ponytail and then use hair pins to secure the hair.

You can even make your pigtails more unique by adding some texture. Add some lived-in “S” waves to your strands to give them a more polished and elegant look. This style will be sure to impress all of your friends and family members on graduation day!

Lastly, if you want to add a bit of flair to your look, consider pinning your pigtails up at the back of your head. This will give you a look perfect for posing with your diploma and celebrating your accomplishments.

4. Sleek Blowout

Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, graduation is one of the most significant days of your life. So, you want to ensure you look your best to celebrate and remember the day forever. This means finding a hairstyle that looks good under your cap and amazing in all the photos. Luckily, Luxshinehair has some amazing graduation hairstyles for you to try.

A twisted side ponytail is perfect for showing off your style and being comfortable under your cap. To create this style, start with center parting your hair and creating two pigtails on each side. Next, twist the pigtails and secure them with bobby pins. Finish the look with a low ponytail and add a pair of matching earrings.

If you don’t want to wear your hair up, a sleek blowout is another cute option for graduation. You can either go for a voluminous blowout like Demi Lovato or opt for a pressed wave look. To get this look, comb out your hair and spray it with a texturizing product to keep your style in place all day.

If you have bangs, there are also some great graduation hairstyles for them. A face-framing fringe is super chic and will complement your cap and gown. Like Lana Condor, you can also rock a sleek low bun with face-framing bangs. To complete this stylish look, use a curling iron and texturizing spray to create soft waves ready for the big day.

5. Pin-Tucked Waves

Long hair can be tricky for graduation because you want to showcase your length while ensuring the strands don’t get in the way of your mortarboard. Try a half-up style like a high bun or messy top knot that’s easy to assemble while keeping your gorgeous curls out of the way. Finish off the look with a volumizing product for lasting hold throughout the excitement and pictures!

If you want to try something a little more unique, opt for a pin-tucked wave. To create this cute style, start by creating a side part and then twisting your hair into two small pigtails on each side of your head. Then, gather the loose ends of each pigtail into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and secure it with bobby pins.

If you want to give your pigtails more of a polished look, add a few loose braids to each pigtail for a stylish touch. You can even use a curling iron to achieve more polished waves or go for a more grunge-inspired look with wavy hair that’s tousled around. Whoever said grad caps ruin bangs has never worn them in a completely on-point and wearable way for any post-ceremony festivities!

6. Braids

If you’re going for a classic look, a simple yet stunning braid is an excellent option to wear under your graduation cap. You can do a side French braid (check out this video tutorial) or a fishtail braid, leaving a few face-framing strands out for an extra cute touch. If you’re having trouble mastering a flawless, picture-perfect braid, try using a volumizing product to give your locks some extra oomph.

Another hairstyle that looks adorable under your graduation cap is a loose pigtail. This is a perfect graduation hairstyle for long hair; it adds a lot of volume and is super easy to make. To create this, center part of your hair and take two pigtails on each side. Then, secure a few hair ties at the nape of your neck, keeping the front strands free. You can also tuck the ends of your hair to hide the elastics and complete your classy, graduation-ready look.

You can pin your hair in little bubbles like Alexa Chung to create this oh-so-sweet hairstyle for a more playful style. The best thing about this style is that it can be worn with any hair length, so you can find a version to suit your taste. You can experiment with different colors to add personality to your graduation-ready look!