Creepy boys love the Galaxy Gear, says new Samsung ad


It’s all within the wrist action. I might wish to inform you how to attract ladies. They’re now not fascinated by whether or not you might be witty, Mitt, or have extra bucks than a couple of Sucks. Women want a person with a new machine that takes secret images of them.

It’s worked for me numerous times. The courts have acquitted me on a couple of occasions. No, wait. I mean that Samsung has just launched an advert to say that the action on your wrist moves women.

This is especially true — and I am quoting Samsung right here — when you are restricted from using “thick apparel and gear.” No, not at an S&M fancy costume celebration, but on the ski slopes.


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We’ve got the classic tale of two males vying for the lady right here. One is to quote the marketing geared up. The opposite is evidently in reverse. As quickly as Jack, our hero, flashes his tools at Aimee, she is entranced.

She gives him her phone number within seconds of espying his wrist. Each lady would, wouldn’t she? Neatly, Jack prefaced it with “Want to see one cool thing?” He follows this up by calling her and using the immortal opener: “Hey there, beautiful girl.”

When Jack proudly displays how he has taken surreptitious pictures of Aimee, she does not pull out her cell phone and contact the ski police. As an alternative, she is entranced by his pastime.

Later, when they meet at a club, Jack makes an extra Earful move, leaving Aimee as mere putty for his charms. In the meantime, his rival at the membership drops a wine glass when trying to answer his cell phone in an old-fashioned manner.

You might find this a plausible story of a sophisticated present, wherein our hero’s tech’s suave, Bond-like nature makes him irresistible.

Or chances are you’ll find this a spectacularly gauche justification for a product that has, but now, not enough enthusiasts to make a social impression.

To help you decide, I recommend you go to a bar tonight, walk as much as any attractive individual, and whisper: “Hey there, beautiful woman, want to see one thing cool?” and notice how far that will get you.