Computer crash downs Office


Officers stated that the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles computer went down in the kingdom’s course Wednesday (Dec. 27), frustrating local motorists seeking driver’s license renewals and other offerings.

According to OMV’s commissioner, Karen St. Germain, the system crashed for about an hour Wednesday morning at every OMV office inside the state. She said the problem is that the grounds were fixed, and the computers are back online. “Every office turned into a hit by way of it,” St. Germain stated. “No one got the Christmas wreck.”

Speaking over the smartphone Wednesday around noon, St. Germain stated she had not but received an analysis from the state’s Office of Technology Services on what caused the device outage, which only affected the driving force’s license services. St. Germain said the crash may have stemmed from an issue with the state’s net provider.

But Jacques Berry, the policy and verbal exchange director for the country Division of Administration office, said the net wasn’t the issue. Nor did the computer systems at every OMV workplace in Louisiana go down, he stated. Rather, the computer stumped itself, attempting to tell time.


“There became trouble this morning around nine:30 a.m. with the server telling the time of day,” Berry said over the cell phone Wednesday afternoon. The server had the incorrect time of day for less than two hours.”
Elaborating, Berry said the problem was traced to the server’s clock connecting to OMV’s computer terminal. Once the clock displayed the wrong time, Berry stated that the server stopped acting license-advent capabilities for approximately hours until it “corrected itself.”

“It did not do anything incorrectly,” Berry said. “It stopped itself from running. However, all through that point (OMV personnel) could not issue licenses to the individual.” Berry stated that the defective clock had halted not all OMV sports. Online offerings weren’t affected, nor were non-license actions like registration renewals.

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Likewise, Berry said the glitch seemed to strike OMV offices most effectively. But he disputed St. Germain’s statewide remember, pronouncing that the tech workforce is nevertheless running to diagnose the full scope of the trouble.

Regardless of whether or no longer the trouble changed statewide, St. Germain said a crash this big is uncommon. Usually, man or woman OMV places of work revel in isolated computer or printer system defects now and again, she said.

“It’s pretty rare, but while it happens, it affects so many human beings that you recognize it right away,” she said. “As quickly as there’s trouble, we strive to fix it ASAP.”

But the fix failed to come quickly sufficient for many drivers in New Orleans, who left nearby places of work after expecting hours to get or renew a motive force’s license.

Michelle Strickland stated she first sought a license renewal in New Orleans East. However, she arrived at the OMV office on Bullard Avenue to find an internal signal CURRENTLY DOWN SORRY.”

Strickland said she then trekked throughout the metropolis to the workplace on Veterans Boulevard, simplest to locate the laptop down there, too.

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