Comedian Sunil Grover lands in legal trouble


After the mid-air feud, Sunil Grover gets involved in yet another controversy. After his infamous fight with Kapil Sharma, Sunil quit The Kapil Sharma Show and was concentrating more on live shows.
He has performed live gigs in various cities like Delhi, Dubai, and Vadodara; and his shows have been a huge hit with the audience. His upcoming live gig is slated for May 27 in Ahmedabad, but the show has landed in some legal trouble.
As per reports, an Ahmedabad-based event organizer Rajpal Shah has filed a complaint of cheating and criminal conspiracy against Sunil Grover and event organizer Devang Shah.

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Reportedly, Rajpal has claimed that Devang and Sunil Grover’s manager had promised to organize a show with Sunil, but violated the contract and are now holding a similar event at a different location for a higher price.
However, event organizer Devang Shah has a different thing to say regarding the whole matter. He talked to Ahmedabad Times and said, “We keep on getting 4-5 inquiries for one specific date regarding Sunil’s performances in India as well as abroad. In this case, we were not keen on doing the event on May 27 due to another concert happening on the same day. Rajpal Shah also enquired for the possibility of May 20, which couldn’t be worked out due to Sunil’s tight schedule. I returned him the advance amount of Rs 10 lakh. So there’s no case of cheating and I have all the bank statements which I can present for the same

How to Become a Successful Christian Comedian


First I will start by telling you that I have and am living the life of a Christian Comedian so I will tell you what I have done and am having to do to become successful at what I do. The world of Christian Comedy is becoming more and more flooded with people who want to try to tell funny jokes to a clean Christian audience. Truth be told this isn’t an easy task because not many people know about the business Christian comedy.

At first glance of the word Christian Comedy, a lot of people assume they are going to hear about bible scriptures and church jokes the whole time but I beg to differ. As a Christian comedian, I have experienced a few things that weren’t quite so funny like not getting all the work I did when I was a secular comedian. Many venues didn’t want to book me because they thought I was going to come in and preach a sermon but I had to prepare a show and put it on DVD so I could let them see the show I was going to do.

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So you have to ensure you know what crowd you are trying to appeal to. My goal was never to appeal to a crowd who wanted to hear a bunch of ignorant material about sex, drugs, and violence because there was so much more to talk about. I will now proceed to inform you on the steps to starting a successful career in the business of Christian Comedy.

Step 1) Know your target audience

-In the business of comedy, you have to have a target audience in which you want to appeal to. This is important because in writing comedy material you have to know what people like to hear and what they will be able to remember most about you. A lot of comedians write for years and years before they finally come up with that perfect set that people will remember then by.

Step 2) Consistency

-One of the most important things to do is to remain consistent. When pursuing any dream it takes consistency to make things happen. If you only do one show a year it will be hard to perfect your craft so you must stay on stage and you must continue to write joke/material. You also have to realize the more people see you the more they will remember your face and your material so stay consistent.

Step 3) Networking

-Networking is very important in the comedy business because it’s not about how many jokes you can write, tell or how many minutes you can perform. It’s about who you know and who knows you! Many comedians use each other for work which is a good thing because no one person knows everybody. You have to stay around like-minded comedians who believe in keeping a network of club managers, church group leaders and promoters in their contact list.

Star Wars Lands – Disney’s Largest Single-Themed Land Expansions Ever


The Star Wars Lands at Walt Disney World Orlando and Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California are the largest ever single-themed Land expansions by the Burbank-based theme park and entertainment giant. First announced at the D23 Expo 2015, the two authentic and live versions of the iconic space Franchise will surely take the experience to a whole new level when open in 2019.

The Star Wars Lands bring to life the adventures of a galaxy far, far away. Imagine a whole new planet from the Outer Rim of the galaxy sharing its home in the neighborhood. Imagine a fully immersive land full of real humanoids, aliens and droids like never before. Truly, the Star Wars Land is where you experience Star Wars in its truest form. Each of the special Land spread across a huge 14 acres of magical landscape, featuring a life-size Millennium Falcon ride as one of the star attractions. The area also includes a fully immersive dining experience and include other unique and most promising Star Wars attractions as well.

Star Wars Lands put together an authentic themed area where guests are transported to a never-before-seen planet. Where they can step inside and experience the iconic scenes and locations. Where favorite characters and their stories from the most beloved film series come to life. Where fans can play the role of Jedi and pilot the Millennium Falcon – the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy during an aerial strike and much more. The special Lands also include other unique surprises, such as finding yourself right in the middle of an epic space battle between the First Order Stormtroopers and the Resistance, or exciting still – the opportunity to visit and shop at a remote trading port and one of the last stop before wild space.

Star Wars has been an important part of theme park offerings for

Disney fans and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of the favorite places to look for such iconic space fantasies. The popular Star Tours and other exclusive space experiences, including the annually held Weekends and celebrations at the Park keep stealing the hearts of many for years. And the experience gets even more exciting with the live version of the epic space saga opening in 2019.

Along with the new signature attractions, the existing attractions feature new Star Wars enhancement as well. From a new Star Tours adventure to a new Jedi Training Academy it’s a galaxy of both new and enhanced Star Wars experiences for guests at both the Florida and Anaheim parks.

Trouble Came in a Swarm


At times in my life when a third crisis would arrive, I’d be rueful about Itz, thinking to myself that trouble comes in threes. But over the last two weeks crises have come in a swarm. It began one night when I went down in the basement and saw water seeping out into several rooms and clearly coming from the room in which the central air conditioner is located. It’s a huge metal cube, floor to ceiling, in its own room.

There’s an electric pump at the base which pumps condensate into the drainage system and a ‘drip pan’ underneath. The pump had stopped working and the ‘drip pan’ was overflowing. So there I was late at night, air conditioning switched off, bucket and mop and glass to manually empty the drip pan. It’s an unfinished smooth concrete floor so it wasn’t a disaster, just hours of cleaning up, and worry through the night. The next morning I called my trusted local air conditioning maintenance man and his wife told me he is now retired and would come look at it but wouldn’t be here for several days.

She told me they are recommending ‘Jeff’ in Mineral Bluff, about 25 miles from here, and gave me his phone number. I was pleasantly surprised that when I called I talked with a New Zealand woman, clear beautiful English speech, who told me Jeff would be here in three hours. Remarkably he was here on time. He solved the problem quickly, disconnecting a plastic pipe, sucking out a blockage with a shop vac, showing me how to do it myself if it ever happened again. The pump started up, I could put the air conditioning on, the service call was $80 which I thought was very reasonable for solving the problem and education on how to fix it myself if it ever happened again.

The next day I got up to find the water was cut off.

I called the water company and found out the water line had been broken by a road crew. I drove down the road to take a look and was stunned to see major road construction at the end of my one way road. I talked to the men there and they told me the two lane highway was going to be widened to the four lane highway three miles away at the North Carolina border. It will be going on for the next eighteen months. Three more times that week the water was cut off for up to twelve hours. The elderly superintendent of the water company was infuriated about it. He had been getting ready to retire and had been told he could not while this ii going on. It got to the point where one night there was a thunderstorm and a transformer was hit by lightning. So that night I sat with only candlelight for over four hours, no electricity, no water.