Cocooned, at the


Barack Obama has now said what became being mentioned in roads and alleys internationally. In a BBC interview with Prince Harry of England, he has warned the world about the dangerous impacts of social media. He said that social media could leave human beings “cocooned” in change realities and advised international leaders to sell the accountable use of the era.

He additionally said that “one of the dangers of the internet is that human beings could have totally exceptional realities.” He emphasized that human beings need to cross offline, meet in a pub, meet in a place of worship, meet in a neighborhood, and get to recognize every different.

In fact, people worldwide were making the equal factor, but not doing plenty of it without a doubt. In our own society in Bangladesh, I have seen that social media’s attraction has gone to the extent of dependency. Many humans have started to eat, drink, and sleep on social media.


I’ve seen couples going out on dates now, not looking at each other but glued to their displays. I’ve seen how kids look at hours that have been reduced due to the time they spend on social media posts. Husbands and wives in identical beds no longer speak to every different. Instead, their eyes and minds are constantly scrolling down the posts made by different people.

Questions were raised approximately spending too much time on social media and doing really nothing for a long term. The talk concerning this trouble might also take weeks to reach a conclusive solution to whether or not social media is harming society or reaping the rewards.

We may assume that social media allows us to be related to our cherished ones all the time. However, a current look has located out that it’s honestly making us sense lonelier. The report has advised that if we spend over hours an afternoon on social networks, our chances of feeling socially isolated are two times as high.

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The take a look at changed into running by the University of Pittsburgh and the researchers puzzled 1,787 adults aged between 19 and 32 approximately their use of the eleven most famous social media websites — Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine, and LinkedIn — on the time the studies changed into conducted in 2014.

However, no matter what the researchers say, it’s now not but clean whether or not social media reasons loneliness, or whether or not it’s simply that those who already feel lonely flock to social networks. But the gang on social media is growing every second. Does that mean the sector is complete with lonely human beings?

It’s pretty seen that social media has alienated people the world over and has substantially reduced human beings-to-human beings’ contact in our societies.

Now, we want to do something positive about it. We want to clarify one aspect: being on the internet doesn’t mean being on social websites. Internet and social media are two various things. The net is the gateway, and social media is only a platform. The net is the get right of entry to billions of websites amongst which the social media sites are some.


In my view, it cannot be completely accurate guilty the internet, as an entire, for a significant social disconnect, as I personally have benefited immensely from the wonderful effects of the cyber international.

It has given me admission to a realm of giant and new expertise; it has allowed me to understand matters that I may want to never have in every other lifetime. And, I’m sure there are hundreds of thousands obtainable who feel like me.

On the flip side, crimes at the net have become a new frontier to confront nowadays. Most risky crimes are being dedicated to the cyber globe.

In Bangladesh, we are only in the preliminary tiers of wondering and acknowledging the crimes committed by using the internet. We’ve set our sail on a virtual ocean, which we don’t understand properly.

In our digital euphoria, we may overlook many global factors, which can grow to be a trouble for us and our society. It’s also equally proper that the global mad rush for digitization might also cloud our thinking about the effective use of the internet.

We can embark on discovering approaches to disseminate the instructions on the ethical and powerful use of the net. I understand of a company that has already begun this marketing campaign. I understand some companies that have begun to apply generation wisely and efficaciously. When you exit there and talk about the usefulness of this technology, you’d see that there are numerous elements that humans nonetheless don’t recognize.

The ICT and digitization campaigners should consider jogging this type of parallel marketing campaign in all instructional institutions at the significance of using all technologies wisely. They could also use the media to impart the proper messages about the net making use of it.


Digitization doesn’t mean surfing on social media all day; digitization doesn’t suggest that we be on the internet all day. Mr. Obama is right: We cannot continue to be cocooned. Rather, we have to speak and meet human beings beyond the digital global of the net.

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