Children who were given new rent of lifestyles thru the Internet in 2017


For some underprivileged kids and their mother and father or guardians, 2017 would possibly be a yr they could all the time refer to as once they were given a brand new lease of existence, courtesy of social media. ADEMOLA OLONILUA highlights a number of those fortunate youngsters

Some weeks ago, an image displaying the cute little boy photobombing a marriage image went viral on social media. Many people applauded the photographer and praised the boy for his mindset. The photographer shared the photograph on his Instagram page with the caption: “I become approximately taking a shot whilst this little man got here proper in front of me to pose for a shot, needed to suspend my shot to take his first. Moral lesson for me: Never look down on everybody, regardless of how they get dressed or appearance. Also, keep in mind no person knows the day after today. You in no way can inform, this lil’ guy will be Nigeria’s president in the future (sic).”

A few days after the picture went viral, Nigerians took to the Internet and known as for the boy to be determined so that he ought to acquire a few donations from Good Samaritans. Not relatively, the photographer tracked down the kid, and it changed into accrued that a person has already promised to sponsor him up until university level.


In a chat with Saturday PUNCH, Tobi’s father claimed that the boy’s mother deserted them when Tobi was just a month old. It is also learned that food objects have been given to Tobi’s own family.

The photographer then shared Tobi’s story, saying: “He is three years vintage and a manufactured from a failed marriage. According to his father, the boy becomes abandoned using his mother whilst he was barely a month-vintage. His father, unable to cater for the boy, looked for a nanny who works in a daycare center to take custody of the boy.

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“The nanny has been looking after the boy because then. Though the father is a graduate of Electrical Engineering, he’s jobless. Though Oluwatobiloba has by no means seen the 4 walls of a faculty, he has a terrific command of the English language, thinking about his age. He speaks and knows the English language. The father is attractive to properly, which means Nigerians to educate the boy, who is passionate, bold, and smart. Friends permit’s assisted in unleashing the capacity of this young boy. Yes, we can!”

Utibe, the singer

All that becomes wished for little Uribe’s life to exchange this yr became a minute video of him singing a remix of Davido’s song, “If.” In the viral video, the little boy from Akwa Ibom State became simply singing the song with a smile on his face. He sang it as he owned it, even though some of the lyrics had been evolved through him. Weeks after the video went viral, some human beings tagged Davido, who confirmed his philanthropic facet as he offered a scholarship to the child. The singer shared the news on social media to tens of millions of his enthusiasts and fans with photographs as evidence, with the caption: “OBO got you for life, kid! Nothing makes me extra happy than you, in the end, getting to start school. Thirty billion to your account! We upward thrust with the aid of lifting others (sic)!”


As if that becomes no longer enough, rapidly after he awarded the boy a scholarship, the singer went ahead to reveal the house he turned into constructing for Utibe. David took to his Instagram web page, and Twitter pages, writing, “Utibe loves the brand new house I’m building for him and his mother! I can’t wait to go once I’m back home! OBO’s were given you for lifestyles (sic)!”

Following in Uribe’s footsteps, Afeez Adesina, aka Destiny Boy, a thirteen-yr-vintage singer in Agege, Lagos dropped his personal version of Davido’s tune, “If,” with a robust Fuji melody. At some point in his studio session, a video of him went viral as he nailed Davido’s “If.”

Adesina’s future was actually modified after the video went viral. Does he have because he granted several interviews and graced numerous stages throughout u . S. Who would have the concept that a video of a boy from Agege simply making a song to a track could mark the start of a brilliant destiny? Destiny Boy needs to be heard continuously. He has a few improbable capabilities, all packed in a single small being.

Peace, the guru dealer

In July 2017, a younger lady called Peace, who offered ugwu vegetables and her mom on the Mile 12 marketplace, Lagos, became the cynosure of all eyes whilst a photographer captured her stunning face. The photographs fast went viral because of her adorable multicolored eyes, defined as having colorations like blue, green, and hazel. Meanwhile, it became amassed that the younger female became laid low with an unprecedented clinical situation called heterochromia (combined eye color).

Sadly, after online users fell in love with her eyes, the photographer attempted to do a right photoshoot for her. The photographer turned into reportedly cursed with the aid of ugwu vegetable sellers at the Mile 12 marketplace. Still, her mother’s colleagues on the marketplace have been allegations against it.


It was alleged that the guru dealers are the girl photographer, a kidnapper to chase her out of the marketplace. While chronicling her stumble upon, the photographer stated on her social media page, “I can’t agree with how ignorant and green with envy human beings can be. I went to satisfy Peace, wherein her mum sells ugwu, and I changed into nearly eaten raw through the ugwu dealers there. I was so disoriented. Peace’s mum did now, not bitch. “Already, I had spoken along with her dad, and he becomes grateful; however, these women couldn’t hide their jealousy; they made a scene and nearly tagged me a kidnapper to the volume that human beings began collecting. The green with envy ugwu dealers said they saw her photographs anywhere on the Internet and that she became too younger; I asked them if she turned into too young to be successful.

“These girls have been seeking to convince her mum not to allow me to take her to the studio for professional pics. They even blamed her for permitting me to take the primary photographs of her. That’s when it became so apparent that it was jealousy!”

Meanwhile, a few weeks later, a professionally performed photoshoot of Peace surfaced online amidst showers of praises, implying that the photographer later had her way. Peace is the use of her vacation to help her mom inside the marketplace. Her mom stated she wished for the help of a medical doctor for her condition. With her beautiful eyes, some trust Peace ought to soon pick the path of modeling as a career.

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