Career Path And Growth Opportunities Available In Sales Executive Job Industry


Sales executives involve directly with the market and apply their skills in generating leads and thereby contributing to a significant amount in the growth of a business or an organization. As the sales jobs are customer facing role, they involve direct interaction with the customer to make a sale. The sales executives have the compulsion of interaction with a myriad of customers every day. Apart from clients, they should also interact with professionals working in the organization to convey the requirements and preferences of the customers as well as current marketing trends. The conveyed information will be incorporated in their product or services offered by the organization.

In-Depth Information On Sales Executive Jobs:

1. Career Path Of Sales Executive

Sales executive jobs in Mumbai in a wide range of job industries. As selling is the primary function of every organization to drive profits and revenues, there is a great demand for sales executives in all job sectors. Whether it is IT, software, automobile, banking or FMCG, all business industries hire sales executives besides providing high salaries and periodic promotion. The sales executives have a dynamic role and they have to face lots of challenges and interpersonal situations. So, the candidates for sales executive jobs are chosen only after check all these aspects beyond looking at their skills and academic qualification.

2. Requirements To Become A Sales Executive:

If you want to get hired for entry level roles, you should be graduated and are anticipated to perform various functions such as market research, analysis, lead generation and other primary functions. The growth rate of sales profile is extremely higher when compared to other jobs. The only basic requirement to become a sales executive is that you should demonstrate your ability successfully to close the sales and achieve the target. If you are able to perform well in these two aspects, you can easily elevate your career to the higher level- assistant sales manager.

3. Growth Opportunities:

As an assistant sales manager, you are responsible for brand management, financial accounting, account management, client retention and business analysis. If you have earned lots of experience in all these variations, you will become eligible for the next position- a sales manager. If you are promoted to a sales manager, you have the onus of managing a crew of sales executives and devising sales strategies to ensure higher revenues. The growth opportunities of sales executive are well defined and successive positions are made available to those who demonstrate their expertise in achieving their targets and driving sales in the stipulated time. Product sales executives can be hired in FMCG domain in which they are allotted territories to take care of.

4. Role Of Sales Executives:

The sales executive has the role of visiting distributors and retailers in the territory and to sell the products to them. After a sales call, the executives should keep on visiting the distributors and retailers to provide adequate information on the latest offers and products, projecting the demand and expediting orders. They are responsible for selling a specific line of products or fixed number of products predetermined by their managers. This clear shows that the sales executive not only have the responsibility of closing the sale or selling a product but are also responsible for making the customers and retailers to be aware of the products.

5. Types Of Sales Executive:

· Missionary sales executive are those who are sent to retailers and help them out by providing product information and helping them with the display of the product, stocking the shelves and many more. The missionary sales executive serves as a great medium to understand the gradation of salesmanship before getting involved in selling the product.

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· Technical sales jobs are confined for engineers want to track the career in the sales industry. This job primarily deals with providing popular services known as SAAS and selling tech based services. The technical sales executive should have immense knowledge on the technology so that they will be able to convey their product features to the buyer.

Sales development executive is responsible for creative new opportunities for businesses. Their roles may include selling insurance plan, automobiles, real estate, bonds and other services. This is really the challenging profile as it requires utmost utilization of skills.