British conspiracy theorist who anticipated the quiet of the world would start inside the Northern Hemisphere is going missing after flying to Australia


A Briton who traveled to Australia after predicting the give up of the sector might begin in the Northern Hemisphere is missing in Alice Springs. Michael Denon-Ross, from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, who mentioned his mind on the Illuminati, Julian Assange, and an approaching meteor shower via Facebook posts, turned into convinced the world would ‘alternate’ on July thirteen. Northern Territory Police stated they are worried about his welfare after not returning to his hotel. The 57-12 months-old flew to Perth from London remaining month on a three-month tourist visa and checked into an Alice Springs Inn on July 8; however, it has now not been seen or heard from due to the fact. He turned into due to check out of his lodging on July 15 but did no longer return to the status quo no matter leaving his bags and possessions inside the room. Mr. Denon-Ross, who has long past lacking earlier than, shared statuses on his Facebook page discussing the significance of the date July thirteen, which he believed could signal the world’s stop.

He posted references to Illuminati and Zionist symbolism and advised friends on social media to ‘purchase food, purchase weapons and anticipate the sudden’ and put together for warfare. Last month, he said on Facebook: ‘T-Minus fifty-four days to 13th July. That’s simply 7 weeks and six days. I agree with, among other things, unless we can prevent it from going on, HAARP-type guns will punch a hole thru the Ionosphere, and the earth can be subjected to a stellar wind/solar storm/Skyfall. ‘Also, I expect a meteor bathe beginning at Meyers Lake OH, the shower will impact [sic] thirty ninth and fortieth parallel north. It can be awful. ‘Good good fortune to all TIs and all others within the northern hemisphere. Assange is proper – the actual battle is set to begin.’ Mr. Denon-Ross is thought to have previously gone lacking in 2013 after Gloucestershire Police appealed for facts concerning his whereabouts. He is defined as Caucasian with concise darkish hair and brown eyes and of a medium build. Senior Sergeant Alex Brennan, from Northern Territory Police, stated: ‘Michael, who’s on holidays from the UK, turned into final visible at his hotel in Alice Springs on 8 July. ‘He has not been seen or heard from because. We ask absolutely everyone who sights Michael or who has any information to touch the police.

What If the End of the World Is Today?


If you have by no means absolutely understood the meaning of panic, you may whilst all world news headlines, are reporting the stop of the arena, albeit with distinctive strings of words. It might be so exciting to observe how human beings react – especially those of you who simply hate the concept of loss of life as though it isn’t a vital and inevitable issue of life. All I can say is, (with a sinister voice) brace yourselves; it’s far coming.

So it has been hooked up that there could be full-size panic, now that panic would begin prayer and overall devotion to advanced powers. You see all the ones guys who declare to be atheists; you’ll surprise where they stand due to the fact they had to be the first to call on a better God. If those identical set of people can brazenly renounce their atheistic repute aboard a trembling plane, then I do not doubt that they would apprehend that there’s a God.

What if the destruction of the world would start in Europe and result in Africa. I wager you, Africa might turn out to be the vacation spot of every residing thing (including plant life and animals and Donald Trump… Oops!). Nobody would care approximately the insecurity in locations like Nigeria, the sizzling solar that human beings use for cooking food (take it from me, people do), or maybe the skyrocketing cost of living. Africa and indeed Nigeria would be a haven. I’m even wondering – what if the end of the world does no longer affect Nigeria? Let’s preserve inside the subsequent paragraph.

Can you believe the complete global migrating to Nigeria? What an exodus it might be! The international could be just like the Israelites, and once in Nigeria’s pathetic records, we would be the Promised Land… I am actually laughing loud in my mind. Because Nigerians are very thoughtful and alluring humans, front into their lands might come at a totally steep price – simplest for those who aren’t deft within the artwork of espionage like the U.S and the opposite demonic powers. Oops again!

Anyway, the arena is coming to an give up (not) these days, so do not worry; simply get absolutely scared because the worst isn’t always approximately to appear. Lols. What if the top of the sector is nowadays? What’s your exciting take on this? Or have you too shaken as much as explicit yourself?

Until the subsequent time, assume bizarre, chortle and be happy!

We might not admit it to ourselves, but we tend to have a loopy mind approximately the incidence of sure phenomena; the quiet of the world is considered one of them. Having studied this stream of strange, however logical, thoughts, feel free to explicit your very own reservations at the problem.