Bonjour From Apertura Speakers!


It looks like India is the brand new ‘model Magnet’ for the hello-end audio brands world broom everywhere in the sector are trying to make a foray within the Indian market to capitalize on the ever-rising shopper electronics scene and, extra importantly, the high-end audio market. Reflecting on the well-liked sentiment, we have a new entrant, the Aperture audio system, based out of France.

Aperture Arianna speakers

Aperture speakers were once founded two decades ago by loudspeaker dressmaker Christian Yvonne, whose identity is related to other loudspeaker manufacturing companies like Focal and Sinus Faber. Yon was involved with rather ambitious tasks for Goldman in the box of loudspeaker design. At the moment, he co-designed with engineer Georges Bernard the well-known communication, Apologue, and Epilogue Goldman speakers, which in a certain way have been the fanciest expressions of the 1980s. At Aperture, Christian Yvonne additionally doubles up as the executive designer.


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In the present line-up at Aperture, they have a prolonged listing of loudspeakers that suffice the needs of a large gamut of die-arduous audio enthusiasts. The top-line models in their arsenal contain the Arianna, Armenia, and the Edema floor-standing audio system.

Aperture Edema speakers

Aperture audio system is formally dropped at India via Oceanic Sound & imaginative and prescient based totally out of Pane. They already have all three speakers, Arianna, Armenia, and Edema, on a demo of their facility in Pane. Watch this area for previews and opinions on this exciting new audio system.