Blogger Nicole Skyes DIY the World’s Biggest Beautyblender


Not too long ago, it was a big trend among beauty bloggers to see what normal objects may be used in an area of a Beautyblender to use makeup. Some used hard-boiled eggs; others used condoms (blogger NikkieTutorials even made a spoof video for April Fool’s Day, the use of bell peppers, children’s toys, and Play-Doh to apply her foundation). But in April, beauty blogger and viral-task queen Nicole Skyes took the trend to new heights, developing her version of a Beautyblender — on the dimensions of a volleyball. Since its preliminary debut, it has picked up steam and is again making the rounds on our newsfeeds.

Instead of using the items above to use her makeup, Skyes took it upon herself to attempt to create the sector’s biggest Beautyblender (and, of the path, see if it’d make paintings genuinely). Skyes procured a huge plastic Easter egg to create the dinosaur egg-sized blender. They used an aggregate of Flexfoam (a liquid cloth that hardens right into a strong polyurethane foam) and food coloring to approximate the feel and coloration of the OG Beautyblender. After mixing the substances, she crammed the egg mold with the recent purple foam and waited for it to set. Finally, once the foam had set, she glued the two halves together to create the egg-fashioned, jumbo-sized Beautyblender.



Fortunately, there may be more where that came from, with Skyes’ Giant Bath Bomb DIY being another need-to-watch. Though Skyes admitted that the DIY isn’t realistic (“I simply desired to break an international report,” she defined), the oversized blender did paintings reasonably nicely to use her foundation. After using the huge crimson egg to apply her basic (a process that appears as hilarious as it sounds), Skyes concluded: “You could do your makeup first-rate short with this because this covers lots of ground at one time. This issue works correctly; I am so pleasantly surprised!” Again, realistic? Not so much. But Skyes’ big DIY does make for a unique watch. -Check out her channel here, and decide if bigger is better.

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