Blogger exposes how Tesco is trialling London


The 26-year-antique bargain hunter spotted a bicycle courier for Quique handing over Tesco carrier bags and investigated what was going on.

Tom, who lives in London, stated: “I saw a Quique bicycle courier drop off a few Tesco service luggage and being nosey I went up and asked her approximately it.

“The courier explained that she had simplest performed a few orders and that she personally buys the things for you in a Tesco grocery store.

“She then cycles through the quickest direction for your cope with and drops it off.”

He then located a manner to download the app – which is not to be had for customers to download – and used it to reserve an unmarried bottle of beer.

The Tesco Now app will permit clients to get their shopping introduced inside 60 minutes

However, consumers will nevertheless have to wait a while to apply it.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We’re usually searching for new ways to improve the service we provide our clients and are presently trailing a one-hour grocery shipping service with a small wide variety of peers and customers.”

Customers have to be invited through the supermarket and accredited before they are able to use the app.

While there is presently no rate for transport for the ones the usage of the app, Tesco also confirmed that it might no longer be a loose carrier if rolled out.

A page at the app famous that is making plans to rate £five.99 for a one-hour shipping slot or £four.Ninety-nine for purchasing delivered inside two hours.

Blogging and Its Types

A blog is a type of website in which gadgets are published on a regular foundation that’s usually organized in chronological order from the maximum recent submit on the top of the web page to the older posts closer to the bottom. The term blog is absolutely a shortened form of the blog. Adding an editorial to an existing blog is referred to as ‘blogging’. Individual article on a blog is referred to as ‘weblog posts’ and the person who writes and posts those weblog posts is known as a ‘blogger’.


Blogs are frequently written on a selected subject matter about which the bloggers is probably involved. It may be something from recipes to photography, books, journey, style, splendor, the way of life, or any of the blogger’s hobbies. It can be something that a person can consider and might be inquisitive about sharing his / her views on that topic with the people that share similar interests and views. This manner humans can research, percentage thoughts, make buddies or maybe do business with humans with comparable pursuits.
A weblog typically includes text, hypertext, snapshots, and links. There are several varieties of blogs. Let’s have a study a few of them.

• Personal Blogs- Personal Blog is a diary or a remark written and maintained by an individual.

These typically appeal to only a few readers. But now private bloggers have grown to a massive quantity and their content material is studied by way of a big number of human beings. These non-public bloggers have grown to be famous, both within the digital global in addition to inside the real global.

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• Group Blogs or Collaborative Blogs- It is a kind of blog wherein the posts are written, maintained, and published by means of multiple creators. It is regularly set by means of already set up bloggers who proportion the identical view if you want to reduce the pressure of retaining a popular website and additionally to attract a larger quantity of readers.

• Corporate and Organizational blogs- These blogs are in general personal and are used for commercial enterprise, non-earnings organizations or for government functions. Blogs that can handiest be used internally with the aid of employees are referred to as company blogs. These are normally used to talk information approximately corporation rules or strategies. The business enterprise may additionally use publicly reachable blogs for marketing functions.

Blogs these days are the perfect medium to express one’s perspectives. If you’re obsessed with something and want to share your perspectives with a larger target market, blogs are the perfect manner to achieve this.

Data Forensics Expert Witness: Facebook Exposes Personal Data!


Unfortunately, this is not the primary time Facebook has been inside the information for its negative coping with of records. In July 2012, there was a similar breach in which a non-public protection consultant used a chunk of code to collect statistics on over a hundred million profiles. This changed into now not visible as a hot subject matter issue due to the fact the data gathered turned into no longer secured with the aid of the consumer, and therefore within the public domain. But, it does bring up a few thrilling points which many customers appear to forget after they surf or submit to social media.

For any social media websites, you should follow these rules:

Rule #1: Do not publish private records on the net, irrespective of safety or visibility options. If you aren’t comfy with sharing your vicinity with 1.1 billion customers, it is strongly endorsed you avoid posting that facts. Be wary of who would possibly use your profile towards you.

Rule #2: Try to hold separate social media profiles for paintings and private. LinkedIn and Facebook are best examples. LinkedIn, while beneficial for organizations, is not geared toward a person seeking to maintain in contact with buddies and family. Facebook, is beneficial for each enterprise and personal. But, hold in mind it is first and most important a non-public website.

Rule #three: Check your privateness settings.

Facebook in recent years has truly stepped up their game on how high-quality to shield private user records. One can now decide which posts and pics may be seen via whom. You may additionally determine you need your pals to peer your new automobile, but do now not always want your jealous ex to recognize. This is achieved by using actually changing the visibility placing on every publish. It also can be achieved globally in case you choose.

Rule #4: The internet does not forget about. Remember the ‘unintentional’ drunken picture you published online and notion you deleted? Odds are: someplace obtainable remains a replica someone snagged before it was taken offline. This and other posts you might have created can be used in opposition to you in a malicious way. Think before posting. In different phrases: ‘Never post whatever you do not need to be printed on the the front web page of the paper.’

A fun case to cease on. A Wisconsin man claimed he could not pay toddler aid. Yet he published numerous images on his Facebook web page displaying him with several hundred greenbacks in cash. Needless to mention, he’s possibly re-examining how best to shield his information because the decide at his listening to turn into now not amused. He possibly takes the word “suppose earlier than you put up” a bit greater severely now.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve In London


2016 is ready to lead to a few days, even though it feels like it is just commenced the day past. This 12 month has been packed with many many united states of America and downs. Many suitable things came about but at the same time, bad things came about as well. But now that it’s miles about to end, it is time to provide it an awesome farewell. You can do this in magnificence too if make plans to visit London. The heart of United Kingdom, London hosts some of the most exquisite occasions all through but it’s the stop of the year occasion where they move all in. After all of the most lovely capital town of the sector desires to maintain as much as the identity. So if you stay in London, or are making plans to head there around New Year’s Eve, those are the locations and activities which you should now not omit out on! Celebrate New Year’s Eve in London this 12 months with a BAM!

1. NYE Cruise and Dinner

Throughout London, tickets are available to move on a cruise of the Thames at the last night time of the yr. This is literally the nice issue because it ends near the very last firework show that occurs near the Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben. So the cruise ride gives you a first rate journey and dinner revel in along with the nice seat within the house for the firework display. And if you want, take your partner with you due to the fact this actually is the most romantic getaway!

2. Take a journey on the London Eye

Even although this experience closes nicely earlier than the begin of the New Year celebrations, you could nevertheless take a trip near the night earlier than nightfall. Catch the glimpse of London in all its hustling bustling glory at the ultimate day of the 12 months.

Three. Visit Madam Tussauds

Madam Tussauds, the arena well-known wax museum, is where you may meet the stars and personalities of your desires. Or at the least their wax figures! So why not give up the 12 months through assembly and taking pix with wax models of your existence ideals! If you need to make your dream of assembly them authentic, then Madam Tussaud’s is the area to start it.