Beauty with Brains


When Kangana Ranaut took the stage in the course of the Rising India summit recently, she barely waited for the host to invite her a query earlier than she succinctly and coherently started out talking on her evaluations on troubles starting from love to nationalism. And this isn’t the primary time Kangana has figured that talking progressively and taking a stand goes to make sure she’s pointed out. And how! For an actress hailing from the interiors of Himachal Pradesh and no longer understanding how to speak fluently in English some years ago, Kangana has stamped her authority on lucid arguments on even subjects like nepotism within the film enterprise. The firebrand actress is an unprecedented breed of actors and actresses in Bollywood who can pass past the same old politically averse and correct statements to speak approximately all sorts of essential troubles beneath the sun.


One of the brightest performers in Bollywood, Priyanka’s sharp retorts have ended up bolder, and the actress greater assured, ever given that she set her foot in Hollywood. And if you most effectively cut the price of the affected accessory she’s picked up recently, you’ll see how she’s been unafraid to take on misogynists and stands up for women empowerment. Just currently, in an interview, she was asked why it becomes k for a female to slap an eve teaser, but if a person slapped a woman, it turned into a crime.

“Physiologically, males and females are exclusive. When we communicate approximately equality and possibility, we communicate approximately cerebral opportunity. We are saying you deliver the capability to get the process, to be the CEO, and no one must query a girl’s picks or her force to be someone, so if she is 50, a CEO, and a mom of three. Do no longer question her,” she hit back, to cheers and applause. She also came under fire for handing over an annual lecture for a publishing house, an honor generally reserved for authors. “Those who don’t want to concentrate on me are welcome to go away,” she stated, mincing no phrases.

Kangana Ranaut: The Queen of cohesive talking now, Kangana knows how to say the right things at the right time, leaving all of us impressed in her wake. Kangana’s new innings as a wondering person’s actress started after she took on heavyweights Hrithik Roshan and Karan Johar nearly simultaneously. But that’s simplest secondary to the truth that she’s owned every level she’s been on, irrespective of the topic. At the latest summit, she took every person by using wonder while speaking approximately nationalism and politics. “Politics has been misunderstood. If we don’t have authority or politics, we will govern this united states. What I don’t like approximately politicians is their dress experience. I will not wear those clothes if I get into politics, and I don’t suppose they will be okay with that. And the manner I speak, I don’t think any birthday celebration might be interested in hiring me,” she stated.

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Farhan Akhtar: Quite contrary to Bollywood A-listing actresses, Farhan has no qualms in calling himself the F-word (feminist, of course). Through M.A.R.D. (Men Against Rape and Discrimination), a social media campaign, the actor-director has openly called for interest in women and woman’s rights. During one of his concert events, when any other concertgoer constantly touched a lady inappropriately, Farhan stopped his concert and referred to him as him out. The actor, who holds gender-associated issues essential, is usually one to attract interest to the cause.

Kalki Koechlin: Every bit a feminist, Kalki is known for her quotable rates while talking about women’s troubles. She has lambasted splendor requirements inside the industry and takes on trolls on Twitter with equal aplomb. Kalki even starred in an AIB caricature titled It’s Your Fault, where she spoke approximately victim-blaming of rape and sexual attack survivors.

“Sometimes I need some outsized t-shirts, a few boxer shorts, unkempt hair, and a uni-brow, you know? I need armpit hair lengthy sufficient to plait. I need a clean face without a hint of make-up. I want an appearance the manner I do once I awaken! I want to scratch my hair, dig my nose, lick my fingers, stretch my legs, and spread my toes! I need to grin with my gums showing, bare my tooth, contort my quite little into wrinkles. Yes, I need my wrinkles to look horny!” she said in an interview as soon as. We hear you!

Soha Ali Khan: One of the three Pataudi siblings, Soha is one of the soundest actors. Having located modest fulfillment on the container workplace, and after her daughter Inaaya, Soha turned author together with her e-book Moderately Famous. Understandably, it turned into self-deprecating and laced with sarcastic humor. “I come from a family where each person is a celebrity. So I thought to belong to this family and industry, I am someone who isn’t always a top-ranked, however a person in the middle. So, the concept of being moderately famous got here naturally, and a piece of self-deprecating humor turned into herbal,” she says, speaking approximately being a fairly recognized character in a family of bigwigs.


“Often, I have been recognized as Saif Ali Khan’s sister or Sharmila Tagore and Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi’s daughter. So, it’s miles approximately my identity that I have grown to include. Sometimes I locate it frustrating, and in different instances, I even discover it comforting that I belong to this own family,” she as soon as stated in an interview. Only recently, Soha became trolled online for her financial views. Most of her followers pointed out to the problem-makers that Soha changed into probably one of the handiest actors certified to comment on the problem, way to the truth that she now not simply has a degree from Oxford. Still, she also holds a Master’s diploma from the London School of Economics.

Shah Rukh Khan: Known to be witty together with his phrases, Shah Rukh’s speech can come upon as rehearsed at instances together with his goody– shoe act. His magnanimous behavior has additionally landed him in the problem, pretty like it did Aamir. When speaking approximately the exclusion of Pakistani gamers within the IPL, SRK turned into dragged for his remarks or even labeled ‘antinational.’ One wishes to most effectively observe his interviews to surprise what role he’s gambling during the talks.

Aamir Khan: While he tries to get a terrific guy act going, it comes off as a pretense more regularly than not. He’s regularly thrown his help at the back of social and political reasons, which in flip affect his personal logo. From Narmada Bachao Andolan to the intolerance row, wherein he noted off-handedly that his wife Kiran Rao didn’t feel comfy in India, Aamir had to address the backlash that even took his brand commitments into its grip. The fallout of his incapacity to coherently placed his point of view throughout is that he now not talks approximately his thoughts outdoor of movies.


Karan Johar: One wants to best watch some episodes of his show Koffee with Karan to peer just how nasty he can get. Besides minor whining and taking digs at human beings inside the industry, Karan even launched an all-out attack at Kangana. During an awards characteristic, the music Bole Chudiyan, Bole Kangana saw him quip “Kangana Kuch Nahi bole to hello theek hai (It’s exceptional if Kangana doesn’t say anything).” At the same time, she said he become giving a boost to nepotism inside the enterprise. Not cool, Karan.