Battlefield 4 single-player campaign details revealed


Battlefield Four is ready to have a diverse main marketing campaign. In line with the recreation’s official weblog, the single-player campaign will take avid gamers worldwide, from Azerbaijan to Shanghai to Singapore. Dice has also published one of the crucial points of the game’s single-player campaign storyline. The sport will revolve around Sergeant Daniel Rocker, a member of an elite squad of infantrymen called the Tombstone squad. While on a mission to assemble intelligence from a defecting Russian common in Azerbaijan, the team is found out, and they have to fight their way through waves of soldiers to flee. The storyline then takes the team to Shanghai, where where Martial law has been imposed. The team has to extract a group of VIPs. China is in an uproar because of America’s implications in the assassination of the long-run leader and voice for peace in China, Jin Jibe.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield four! Now, with a globe-trotting marketing campaign!

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The story has never been the strongest factor in new defense force shooters like Battlefield. It gets in touch with accountability, and more continuously than ever, these games were criticized because of how linear and set-piece-based their campaigns have been. Battlefield Four appears to be upping the ante, then again, and the sport’s story holds numerous promises. Here’s hoping it doesn’t devolve into some other explosion-stuffed movie with barely any interactivity. Again in June, dice common manager Karl-Magnus Treason had mentioned how Battlefield Four’s marketing campaign would be higher than the lot-criticized Battlefield Three single-participant campaign. “There are signature multiplayer components that we want to bring into single-participant,” explained Treason. “We want to provide the participant a call.

Do they wish to go for the sneaky way with a sniper rifle and a silenced pistol, or do they need to take a jeep and have all the squad shoot at the whole thing they see?” the sport will have other alternatives that do not simply mean “sneaky or guns-blazing.” Avid gamers could have command over their AI squad in the campaign mode, where they may be able to be ordered to, for instance, provide a covering fireplace when you flank an enemy. The level design will even be more desirable, returning to the unhealthy company design philosophy of sprawling open floors filled with autos. Battlefield 4 is ready to hit the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on October 29.