Bad legacy: Nexus 5 continues Google’s habit of skimping on battery and camera


Suppose you’ve considered the first few reviews of the Nexus 5. In that case, you’ll have heard a lot regarding the inconsistent and gradual digital camera and, in addition, the existence of an erratic battery. It appears to be a constant theme in all reviews and, certainly, one would assume, in Google’s Nexus lineup.

Look back to the Galaxy Nexus, Google’s first breakaway hit within the Nexus collection. Two of the biggest complaints had been related to the 5-megapixel camera and the battery life, which, in most cases, ran out of juice sooner than the workday. Even then, the cell phone was bought like hot desserts, thanks to the first ever 720p display on a Nexus tool and Android’s brand new Ice Cream Sandwich flavor.


Brilliant again; the moderate digital camera of the Nexus 4

The same is true with the Nexus 4, launched in India earlier these 12 months. The 8-megapixel camera used to be indisputably a development over the Gent. Still, it wasn’t on the degree of high-finish smartphones of the time, such as the Galaxy S3, phone 5, and the Nokia Lamia 920. The Nexus 4 had a novel design, superb show, processor specs, and the promise of inventory Android. Its battery life isn’t the best at both schools, and you will typically see it in the purple territory after around 14 hours of standard utilization.

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With the Nexus 5, Google has managed to beef up on both the digital and battery life fronts; however, not to the extent that makes us believe that the corporation cares about these two factors. The digital is healthier because of the presence of OIS, but initial impressions showed it might be sluggish to the center of attention and to click on photos fast. The battery has additionally been bumped up in mash count, but the relative growth in battery existence shouldn’t be all that great. The final feeling is that Google has disregarded these components and has, at best, been given minor refreshes. Even in the digital camera UI case, Google has gone with the minimalist, hiding settings behind a touch-activated arc menu and no longer giving customers sufficient time to pay attention to finer stages.

Camera and battery are contentious considerations.

To be honest with Google, they have admitted that some faults of the Nexus 5 camera are right down to the software concerns, as a way to be mounted in a future firmware replacement. So we’ve hoped for the digital camera, at least. As for battery existence, Android 4. 4 Kit Kat has many energy administration features, and the vitality-efficiency of the Snapdragon 800 Sock notwithstanding, extended use of the big show with the full HD decision will negate any good work executed. Web searching and video consumption are the worst offenders on the Nexus 5 because the display is always digital. The UI on the Nexus 5 will also be confusing.

This is the one section that may be a major deal-breaker for many Nexus lovers. The truth is that Apple’s phone 5s greatly improves an already stellar digital camera, which can be an incredible thorn. The iOS 7 digital camera app wipes the floor with Google’s model. It’s chockful of options, placed in an intuitive method, and now not buried underneath settings. Nor would lovers be happy that the LG G2 has a thirteen-megapixel OIS digital camera that takes higher pictures and will be so easily used in the Nexus 5 by that individual LG cell phone. However, as an alternative, we get a telephone with a run-of-the-mill battery and digital camera device that’s too slow and bare for 2013, even if the fee tag makes up for it.