Android Go: The Details Google Didn’t Reveal


Android Go was introduced at some stage in the outlet keynote of the Google I/O builders conference in Mountain View on Wednesday. Since the assertion, there has been lots of confusion concerning the project – is it a new edition of Android? Can Android Go gadgets run all Android apps or only the apps which have been optimized for the Go enjoy? How will this impact OS updates for customers, and what’s going to builders want to do differently to optimize their apps for Android Go?

Unfortunately, within the immediate aftermath of the keynote, Google didn’t provide answers to plenty of these questions, and there isn’t a variety of statistics associated with Android Go up on Google’s websites either. Thankfully, to reply some of these queries – and a whole lot more – we managed to get a while with Sameer Samat, the man who added Android Go on the degree on Wednesday, and the VP of Product Management for Android and Google Play. Here’s a FAQ on Android Go primarily based on the answers Gadgets 360 got from Sam and other Google executives right here in Mountain View.

Is Android Go a new edition of Android?


Sam couldn’t be clearer on this: “Android Go is not a new edition of Android, it’s no longer a distinctive Android, it’s a challenge call inside Google.”

What might be the Android version that Go gadgets will ship with?
“We call it Android Go – it’s an inner call – but the OS that those partners may be transported will be Android O – there’s no separate OS referred to as Android Go,” Sam explains, simply to pressure domestic the point.

So what is going to be special approximately Android Go gadgets?
Think of Android Go as a group of presets that your Android O device will deliver with. Some OS settings might be switched on (or off) by using default; some Google apps could be a piece different than different Android O devices, and the Google Play Store will highlight third-birthday party apps optimized for the Go experience – that’s about it.

The way this works is that Android has a configuration while you construct a

the device in a manufacturing facility and we’re efficiently setting a Go configuration in the area, which is very just like what do with Svelte so if the device is low-RAM, for instance, whilst the tool is built within the manufacturing unit, it’s configured, right,” Sam explains. “It’s now not something the person makes a decision, it’s something that the OEM decides on the manufacturing unit and what we’re saying is in case you are gonna construct a tool that’s 1GB or much less [RAM] then you definitely have to build it with the Go OS configuration, so you have to use Android O, however you must use these configuration settings.”

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When requested to detail a number of those adjustments, Sam says, “[..] while in Svelte, as far again as KitKat, there’s a variety of factors that the tool will do to optimise the UI, so whilst it detects that it’s low RAM device, there’s some of the animations that grow to become off, various of things which can be reminiscence-intensive like that inside the UI that are best, but if they’re performed incorrectly – because they may be memory in depth – they could in reality compromise the enjoy, in place of improving the experience, so the ones are a few examples of optimisations.”

Android Testing Frameworks

To efficaciously conduct cellular testing, the experts can use special frameworks both for iOS and Android testing. These frameworks offer speedy and targeted take a look at of the mobile product. Not it’s miles the time to review Robotium, a framework for Android-base packages.

The point is that the capacities of fashionable frameworks for Android are by hook or by crook restricted:

they do now not aid a couple of capabilities,
the take a look at scripts are carried out as an alternative gradual,
the shape of taking a look at instances is complicated and it’s miles difficult to release them.
Robotium does no longer have such troubles. It is an open supply framework. It could be very appropriate for developers as they can design the automatic GUI test scripts, useful and acceptance check eventualities for multiple operations.

What Are the Main Features of Robotium?

Support multitasking
Simply take a look at cases
Integration with IDE
High stage of performance
High take a look at insurance
There are two types of instructions: Solo classes and ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2. With the help of Robotium, a tester is able to layout test instances without being privy to the specifics of product machine. In different phrases, he’ll perform black container trying out. This specific characteristic indicates this checking framework from the opposite ones.
How to Use Robotium for Android Testing?

Install the library of the framework to the task below check.

Create take a look at cases using the method of Solo class.
Run written checks on the desired devices (OS version, version).
Analyze the take a look at consequences.
One greater useful framework for Android merchandise is Roboelectric. The testing technique with this device does now not require a particular device or emulator. The professionals are able to run tests without delay on JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
What Are the Cons of Roboelectric?

High overall performance
High test coverage
Execution on JVM
Support black container checking out
No mocking
Inflation of useful resource and views
Roboelectric supports the subsequent functions: the advent of Shadow lessons, the interception of the loading of Android lessons, the usage of Javaassist, the binding of Shadow item to Android magnificence. Due to a majority of these options, the checking of the software does no longer require the actual Android environment.

Some Interesting Features of Google Play Game Services


Google has launched many services for their Android customers. Google Play Games is one of the offerings that may be availed by way of an Android user with a view to save their game progress and compete with their pals using the Google+ social media. Since its inception, the platform has grown right into a mature system and permits the users to adopt a lot of sports in an effort to be unfurled inside the paragraphs beneath.

Features of Google Play Game Services that are thrilling:

The fundamental capability of Google Play Games is similar to the Apple Game Center. This social sports feature lets in the cloud saves, public leaderboards, multiplayer, anti-piracy and achievements to be recorded. These functions are a splendid addition to the game developers, as in line with the reports of a Mobile App Development Company, as they permit the game builders to apply the Play Games SDK with their recreation and that they do no longer have to develop the capabilities themselves.

Some of the salient functions of the carrier are:

·Achievements: The video games we play comprise many achievements which can be unlocked as we progress. These capabilities preserve the game exciting, but many developers refrain from including those functions as they fear that the big length of the ensuing game will discourage people from downloading it. With the Achievements function of Google Play Games, the developer can use the achievements to their benefit without having to feature them to their unique sport itself, says a distinguished Android App Development Company.

·Saved Games: Cloud Saves are another tremendous feature of the Google Play Services. We regularly face software troubles and other issues with our cell phone and there are times when we alternate our telephone. By doing so, we lose all our development in video games that we used to play and should start from scratch. The cloud keep characteristic makes positive that our sports development is linked to our Gmail identity and we are able to resume gameplay from where we left, always.

·Quests and Leaderboards: Another interesting function is the provision of quests and leaderboards. The leaderboards inform us how we are performing in contrast to our social circle on Google +. Quests are online competitions and demanding situations which allow us to play multiplayer the use of our tool.

So, begin using Google Play Game Services and revel in those capabilities as you venture into the virtual world to show your mettle.This is all about how Google Play Game offerings are helping the users take their Android games to the social media through using Google+ community.

Why Dreams Reveal The Meaning Of Life


The scientific approach of dream interpretation located by means of Carl Jung and simplified with the aid of me correctly interprets God’s phrases in dreams, proving that everyone desires to contain intelligent messages that assist us to locate sound intellectual fitness.

You can confirm that each one goal are produced by means of a superior mind while you examine your goals and your life biography.

This means which you need to believe the information you have got for your dreams, and stop trusting your personal conclusions. You are ignorant, besides having many absurd tendencies. God is your savior.

I precisely obeyed God’s guidance in my dreams and that is why I’m supplying you with training about your mental fitness and your existence nowadays.

God sends you goals that help you cast off your anti-sense of right and wrong through focus and become more intelligent and sensitive because He is aware of that you need psychotherapy, and because He desires your cooperation now not handiest at some point of your treatment. When you will be cured, you have to assist Him to exchange the world and completely dispose of terror and despair on the earth.

You ought to be an amazing affected person and cooperate along with your physician with the intention to make progress speedy and cast off your anti-sense of right and wrong earlier than having extreme issues.

Now which you recognize how powerful your enemy is, you can understand the significance of your obedience to God’s steerage. Before coming across that there is a huge demon for your mind you believed that you have been simply imperfect.

Now you understand that you are greater than ways from sound mental health. So, you can recognize why you ought to carefully observe God’s steerage for you to shop your fragile conscience.

God is your doctor. You need his help.

You ought to stop believing in illusions like your ignorant ancestors. Today you have the risk to be in contact with God and remove your risk wild nature.

The which means of your dreams will help you apprehend a way to forestall being a victim of your absurd and evil wild nature and turn out to be an admirable individual.

You should protect your mental health as a way to shield your existence and purify your spirit. Otherwise, you will both gather a severe mental illness, or you’ll waste your lifestyles having ephemeral cloth pleasures instead of transforming your personality and removing your worst enemy.

Therefore, you’ll in no way stop struggling. You constantly could have absurd and evil thoughts.

Now that nothing starts of evolved or ends on earth. So, you need to take your nonsecular evolution into attention. You have to be terrified of your absurdity and evilness and truly desire to become a saint even as you are alive.