A Day Without The Sixth Digit – the cell phone


Unbeknownst to many of us, we undoubtedly have a sixth digit – for some, it’s an extra limb—on our cell phones. Though I do not belong to the technology that turned into the touchscreen era’s information, I have fallen prey to it. A sure square item is as nestled in the palm of my hand as a scarf was within the mitts of previous generations of center-aged girls.

So you could believe my horror while one morning during the final week as I reached over to close the bathroom window because of the cold December wind, my 6th digit – lamentably not attached to my palm as the opposite 5 – slipped out and commenced its quick descent into the restroom. “No-no-no-no-no-no-no-NOOOO!” I screamed silently. But then got here the inevitable sound: “Plop.”

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I gazed with morbid fascination for what seemed like an eternity – however, became probable three seconds – at the toilet bowl in which my telephone sat submerged vertically, just like Poseidon. Or become it the Titanic? The water became clear; I could see the display nevertheless bravely lit up. Then it started to flicker because it started to drown. Throwing caution (and hygiene) to the winds, I reached in to rescue it.

The complete roll of 3-ply toilet paper was used to wipe away the Eau de lavatory. I rubbed each floor with manic urgency and then pressed the home button with a bit of luck. No response. I tried every different button on the perimeters – call it CPR (cellular telephone resuscitation) – however, to no avail. Slowly, the enormity of what had taken place dawned on me. My cell was lifeless. Or in a deep coma.

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The body of workers at home had been sympathetic. “Use a hairdryer,” said one, helpfully. “It worked while mine fell right into a puddle.” The other said, “No, burying it in raw rice is the quality option. I did that, and it revived in multiple hours….” Mindful of wherein mine had drowned, I avoided putting it within the 30kg sack, using the handiest bowl of it alternatively. A couple of hours later, it changed into still blank.

Defeated, I broke the news to the husband and son. “Get it repaired,” stated the primary, predictably and depend-of-factly. The 2nd erupted with joy. “Yay!” he yelled, quite unbecomingly for a 26-year vintage. “I’ve been telling you to get a new phone for months…God has listened to me! And it’s Christmas Eve…The best time.” “But I am used to this one,” I protested feebly.

My cell phone that’s been showing its age–three years is an entire life now. And closing week, the front casing inexplicably indifferent itself from the frame and curled upward, leaving a skinny, lit-up gap on the side. So my cheek started to set off the ‘mute’ or ‘preserve’ buttons in mid-verbal exchange. That is why it possibly drowned so rapidly, no matter my lightning rescue dive.

I belong to a technology that no longer discards as simply as our youngsters do, although we’re less thrifty than our parents. And there’s a comfort component: getting used to a new cell phone now could be as daunting as settling into a brand new faculty in my teenagers. You’d have thought that converting seven schools in thirteen years would have made me more confident about switching mobile phones, but it has no longer.

So, as my son zipped off to shop for a brand new one, online is less expensive; however, shipping takes a day or two. I pondered my immobile lifestyle. I wouldn’t want a chum on her birthday as I remembered neither her cellphone variety nor electronic mail. I couldn’t test the details of the day’s engagements. I couldn’t name the medical doctor to confirm my mother’s appointment.

Many images and stored messages all long gone

I felt my left-hand twitching: the phantom limb syndrome kicked in for my lack of a 6th digit. I am thinking frenetically about all the messages and WhatsApp that have been going unread and unanswered. I longed to call a chum, but my panicky mind refused to expose any numbers. But miraculously, the nerve endings had cooled down by way of early evening. I was calmer about my loss.

When my son arrived with the brand new telephone and positioned inside the SIM card, I changed into indifference. I didn’t soar on it to re-establish reference to the relaxation of the arena. My enforced daylong detox had given me an unexpected and revitalizing experience of detachment. Disconnection had completed wonders. Now I am decided I shall no longer let the brand new one become the sixth digit.

Cell phones have emerged as a necessity for lots of humans in the course of the world. The ability to preserve contact with family and commercial enterprise friends and access to electronic mail are only a few reasons for the growing importance of mobile phones. Today’s technically advanced mobile telephones cannot receive and place phone calls; however, storing statistics and take photos. They may even be used as walkie-talkies, to name only some available options.

When mobile telephones were first delivered to the public, they were bulky and costly, and a few even required a base unit to be transported together with the phone. Good reception changed into first-rate trouble, and in general, early cell phones ought to be used in positive locations had the sign become particularly robust. As mobile telephone technology advances, they’re hard to use, which becomes less of a problem. Cellular cellphone reception has improved significantly because of satellites and wireless services. As mobile phones improved and became simple to use, the significance of mobile telephones extended.

Cell telephones are the appropriate way to live linked to others and provide the user with an experience of protection. In an emergency, having a mobile telephone can assist in reaching you fast and will probably save lives. However, cellular phones are important for non-public safety. Modern cell telephones can access, send, and receive photographs and files. Some cellular phones are equipped with GPS generation, allowing use in maximum places around the arena and allowing the cellular phone to be determined or the person positioned in the event of loss or emergency.