A Day in the Life of a Full-Time Fashion Blogger


The first series of questions I normally get asked while human beings discover I even have a weblog are, “Do you get loose stuff despatched to you?” Answer: Yes! I get numerous applications an afternoon and I believe the individuals who stay in my building suppose I even have an online purchasing hassle. Second query: “Do you receive a commission to wear garments?” Yes! How is freaking cool that? And the third, and my personal favored: “But like, do you even work?” Oh sure. Let me give an explanation for.

Hi there, my call is Audree, or as my close-knit follower team might say, Simply Audree Kate or “SAK”. I’ve been blogging for greater than 5 years general, and doing it full-time for approximately a yr and a half of; however, I’m additionally a contract-style stylist and fashion editor at the aspect.

I commenced SimplyAudreeKate.Com the summer time after my freshman yr of college at Arizona State University as a way to show off my fashion paintings. There turned into now not a fashion software at my university at the time, so I desired to nonetheless seem relevant and aggressive whilst making use of to internships and jobs down the road.

I showcased stitching tutorials, thrifting hauls, styling recommendations, fashion week recaps, and enterprise interviews. Over the subsequent three years of university, I slowly gained a loyal following and additionally commenced posting my personal outfits and private memories. I constantly assumed that the weblog might dissolve as soon as I entered the “real international,” but when I graduated in 2015, the running a blog industry started to grow.

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I moved to New York after graduation and freelanced at several styles and ladies’ print magazines which include Glamour, Redbook, O, The Oprah Magazine, and Editorialist. After a year of operating in print, I made the difficult decision to say good-bye and pursue styling and my weblog. That summer season, I sat down and discovered a business plan, price range, employed an intern and dove into Simply Audree Kate a hundred and ten percent.

Today, I blog full-time; manage a small team of four interns; freelance fashion for numerous brands, magazines, modeling organizations and personal customers; and I’m also first-rate excited to be the freelance fashion editor here at StyleCaster. So, to circle again to my maximum commonplace 1/3 question I get requested, yes I do paintings—3 jobs, genuinely; and I’m right here to inform you what a day within the existence of a complete-time blogger is like. And first issue’s first, it’s lots extra than adorable OOTD Instagram pics (even though that is scheduled for my every day to-do listing.)

My schedule is by no means the equal: Each week and day varies depending on whether or not I’m styling, traveling, or operating on a subsidized weblog venture, however, I do attempt to hold a semi-routined agenda to live heading in the right direction and have an effective week. All that stated, here’s a popular idea of what my average paintings day seems like.
I’m not a morning man or woman, but because my days are continually packed to the brim, I have to maximize my time. I make breakfast, espresso, and get geared up for my shoot with my photographer, Sam. Before I go away my apartment I post the daily blog post, share it on social and prepare my first Instagram.

I shoot with my photographer approximately two to three times a month for outfit images, and each shoot incorporates about three clothing. I’ve learned that capturing in bulk and earlier is the perfect for my schedule. I plan out which items are sponsored and want detail photographs, the theme or situation of the blog put up, and the multiple shoot places.

Sam and I were operating collectively for over three years now, and manipulate to shoot all three looks in less than an hour. When leaving the shoot I publish the first Instagram for the day and head to the subway for my meetings. (In actual existence, I’m no longer hailing cabs like Carrie Bradshaw in Manolos—I’m trekking to the subway with multiple bags, walkable footwear, and mapping out my next vicinity.)
I try to agenda any conferences, logo previews, or occasions first thing in the morning so I may have a stable bite of time on my laptop later in the day. During busy seasons when new collections pop out, I normally have three to 5 previews every morning.

I go see the brand new collections, chat with the publicists and types, and take pix of product. This is the excellent manner to a community and meets humans inside the industry, plus, it’s an extraordinary possibility to peer any new upcoming merchandise that I can pull for styling, the blog, or StyleCaster articles.
After my morning conferences with manufacturers and publicists, I meet with my interns and we shoot my OOTD look on my personal digital camera or phone. I photo all of my personal lifestyle, beauty, or detail content, so my interns additionally help me with that. Once we’re carried out shooting, we head to a coffee save and work!

12 PM: Coffee Shop and Work Time
I don’t pass into a workplace, so I particularly work from my condo or coffee stores with my crew. My interns are all college students and I see them each a pair instances a week. We pass over their responsibilities for the day, speak approximately analytics, the editorial calendar for the month, speak upcoming blog sponsorships and brainstorm content.

I submit about five blog posts per week, so there’s usually something to be achieved! Some days I’ll have more than one convention calls or lunch conferences, but I try to carve out stable team time for writing put up drafts, enhancing pictures, sending article drafts to sponsors, going over contracts with brands, answering 1,000,000 emails, and constantly ingesting a massive iced espresso.

I like running in espresso stores because I can get a little stir-crazy in my apartment every day. My team picks new espresso shops to try each week relying on the community we’ve conferences or events in, and it’s a terrific way to interchange up to the “office surroundings.”