5 Software Options for a Small Business’s Back of the House Tasks


While marketing and sales is what fuels a small business, entrepreneurs running these companies often have to wear a lot of hats to attend to the back-of-the-house responsibilities as well. Tasks such as balancing a budget, running payroll, paying bills, issuing invoices, hiring employees and paying taxes are just a few of daily tasks a small business owner assumes.


Here are several software options that can lighten the load and allow a small company to operate like the big brands.

Expensify& Square

Mobile devices are now staples in our lives as we become more and more dependent on the innovative apps produced daily by creative developers. Using Expensify to track a small business’ expenses and Square to accept payments, we can eliminate all the extra steps that went into manual checkbooks, bookkeeping and even cash registers.


The time-saving efficiency ofQuickbooks is a great way to keep all your invoicing, order management and financial sin order. QStock Inventory a company that provides turn-key supply chain solutions for small businesses has gone so far as to seamlessly integrate with Quickbooks for managing inventory, light manufacturing and deliveries. As sales and purchase orders are created with this software, Qstock can instantly receive, pack and ship in less time and with less labor.


When it comes to the tedious work required when calculating a small business’ taxes, one of best systems available today is Outright. It streamlines the process and helps entrepreneurs pay the correct amount of taxes, while organizing their income and expenses. Last year, Outright was purchased by Go Daddy, the domain name registrar and Web hosting provider.

Email security

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Who will handle your email security if you’re a small company? Symantec.cloud might be the solution. It can provide the essential protection while virtually eliminating the need for a small firm to manage hardware and software on site. The service is quick and easy to deploy and provides unlimited storage and retention for a reasonable monthly fee.


Recruiterbox is one of the easiest methods to receive and manage job applications for your company. It is more efficient than email and a lot simpler than some of the other recruitment software in the market today. When Groupon entered China, Recruiterbox’s recruitment software let the company manage nearly 500 interviews per week.


Back-office software refers to the platforms and applications that don’t interface with customers but help a small business operator manage core functions such as accounting, human resources, or manufacturing. Today’s selections are a short list of what’s available. It can get you started toward eliminating a lot of the labor and time that were part and parcel of these functions in the past.