3 Things You Should Be Doing to Keep Your Mind Youthful


As the Baby Boomer population begins to reach their elderly years and the greying populace clamors for more ways to look and feel younger in their advancing years, every facet of anti-aging has become big business.

One of the most prominent of these areas relates to the health and longevity of our minds. With five million Americans currently suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, there’s an understandable focus on preventing age-related mental decay.

However, it’s not just Boomers who should be interested in enhancing their mental acuity and memory. Prevention can and should start early in adulthood through a healthy lifestyle and following these three steps.


1. Give your mind some rest

Health professionals constantly tell us about the importance of a good night’s sleep for all aspects of our health. Yet, average adult sleeping times continue to fall well below recommended levels.3 Things You Should Be Doing to Keep Your Mind Youthful 1 The benefit of rest for our minds is immense. Sleep helps to clear protein build-up on synapses and effectively detoxifies the mind—this aids in the processing and retention of new information and the ability to learn new things.

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However, it’s also been shown that too much sleep can be just as problematic for brain function. So get a good night’s sleep, but don’t sleep in.

2. Give your mind a fun workout

Brain training is becoming big business, and while some claims for the success of such programs may be a little farfetched, with independent studies showing mixed results, the consensus is that it most certainly can’t hurt to keep your mind engaged actively through such tasks. The benefits could be immense.

Whether you play Sudoku, do a crossword puzzle, or actively engage in one of the many brain-training programs or video games on the market, there are various ways to exercise your mind and have fun doing so.

3. Give your mind the natural supplements it needs

Omega-3 fatty acids have long been linked with boosting brain efficiency and memory. Studies have shown a decreased risk of dementia among those who get enough Omega-3 in their diets or through supplementation.

Co-Q 10, or Ubiquinone, is also favored for its various benefits. This enzyme, which your body produces naturally, helps fight free radicals, which contribute to cellular aging. However, the body has fewer enzymes as we age, beginning as early as our 20s, which may mean that pursuing supplementation could be crucial.