3 Apple Predictions For The Decade Ahead


With over 2 billion units sold worldwide, it’s safe to say that the 2010s were defined by the iPhone, as consumers and tech enthusiasts awaited each new release. However, it wasn’t too long ago that Apple’s main business was computers: The tech giant’s first-ever product was the Apple Computer 1, built in a garage in 1976.

Not many people back then would have predicted the profound impact the iPhones had over technology and popular culture in the 21st century. This serves as a testament to Apple’s ability to think differently and continually reinvent themselves and the industry as a whole. The 2020s are set to be no different, as Apple is working up some of their most innovative products and services yet.

Decade Ahead

A Self-Driving Car

Apple products were everywhere in the 2010s, whether the ubiquitous iPhone or the trendy Apple Watch. However, this decade, you might spot an Apple product on the road, as the company is developing its very own ‘Apple Car.’ Perhaps its biggest endeavor yet, Apple has been working on Project Titan since 2014, and the first units are expected to be released in 2021.

So, how is the tech giant reinventing the trusty vehicle? This electric car will almost certainly have self-driving technology since Apple acquired the self-driving startup Drive.ai in 2019 to help construct its elite automobile. Moreover, the company is keen on helping make roads safer, as the car will reportedly have a headlight system that will highlight parts of the road that the driver should be paying attention to.

A Stronger Set of Services

In the 2010s, Apple successfully delved into the world of subscription services. The tech giant first entered the subscription service market with Apple Music in 2015, with more paid subscribers than its biggest competition, Spotify. Apple launched the newsreader Apple News in September 2015, the video gaming service Apple Arcade in September 2019, and the online television service Apple TV+ in November 2019.

There seems to be no stopping Apple even in this new decade, as it is likely that the company will bundle up these four services. Apple is hoping that a subscription bundle would result in more users for all its subscription services. Not to mention, the company is looking to invest more in its prevalent and free Podcasts application, which has surpassed over a billion subscriptions. Apple users can listen to all podcasts free of charge, but the company recognizes its app’s profit potential, as it is planning to create paid Apple-exclusive podcasts.

An Even Better iPhone

Aside from the iPhone SE2 or the iPhone 9, which is almost certainly about to launch next month, an all-new and even better iPhone is set to be released this fall: the iPhone 12. The secret to how far their iPhones have come in recent years is how they’ve begun manufacturing the technological components for them in-house.

For instance, they’ve recently begun designing their own 5G antennas for their very first 5G phone — a move that helps them ensure technical precision and the smallest, sleekest design possible. The 5G-capable iPhone 12 will have a “phased array” antenna with two parts collaborating to create a signal beam, which can be electronically steered without the antenna itself moving. This innovation could well put them ahead of the pack.

The same is true for their printed circuit boards (PCBs) — the core of all electronic devices. The company recently acquired the machinery needed to produce their own PCBs, giving them complete freedom to tweak and design different circuit board parts as needed for the phone, instead of going the other way around had they worked with various suppliers.

Custom PCB components provide the flexibility needed to innovate newer and better electronics, which means that the upcoming iPhone can enjoy better connectivity, more computing density, and higher power with an even smaller board. Users can expect the iPhone 12 to have a laser-powered 3D camera and come in a sleek navy blue color. With all these anticipated upgrades, maybe it could also have a smarter virtual assistant?